Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012 - (Page 301)

Bulletin Board News supplement to the Rock Garden Quarterly NARGS From the NARGS President It’s been a busy time for NARGS these past few months. We’ve begun an initiative to replace our current website, which is truly antiquated by current standards, with a more useful, multifunctional, high-impact website for our next decade. Ben Burr, our Recording Secretary and a member of the Manhattan Chapter of NARGS, is heading up the project, working with our Internet Committee chaired by Esther Wrightman of Ontario. We have also established an Elections Committee, chaired by Bill Adams, our Treasurer and a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, charged with creating a mechanism for electronic voting via the Internet so that our next election (in 2013) will be the first in which all NARGS members will be able to vote, regardless of whether they can attend the National Meeting. You’ll find more details on both of these initiatives in this Quarterly. By the time you read this, you’ll almost certainly have had an opportunity to view the Internet version of the Quarterly on your computer, Kindle, iPad, or smartphone. We contracted with Allen Press of Lawrence, Kansas, the printer of our Quarterly, to utilize their software product, BrightCopy, to get the Quarterly online. This issue and the next will be available to everyone who finds our website, but after that second issue, only NARGS members will be able to view subsequent issues of the Quarterly online. This will create an added incentive to join NARGS, given the quality of the publication and the new access points for members to read it. Yes, the paper copies will continue, since almost all of us are quite fond of the “real thing,” but over time we’ll find more and more members migrating to the electronic version, which can only help us as the world transitions ever more completely into the digital age. I’ve been a member of NARGS for some 15-plus years now and I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds of fellow gardeners from Bulletin Board 301

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012

Digital Quarterly
Expanding Panayoti's Axioms
Photo Contest 2012
Photographing Alpine Plants: A Landscape Point of View
NARGS 2013 Election Timetable
Rock Gardening from Scratch - Seeds
Kim Blaxland and the Violets of North America
Viola pedata
Violas, Kim, and Us - A Celebration
Cooking Native Japanese Plants
Carl Gehenio Memorial Trough Show
Fire in the Hole: Phlox across Colorado
Rebuilding a Rock Garden in Pittsburgh
A Remarkable Garden: David Douglas and the Shrub-steppe of the Columbia Plateau
Bookshelf - Reviews
Swedish Dreams
Treasurer's Report
Bulletin Board
2012 - Eastern Study Weekend: October, Pittsburgh

Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012