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Mid-October is prime time for fall foliage color in Pennsylvania’s deciduous forest. NARGS 2012 WINTER STUDY WEEKEND PITTSBURGH, PA Come to NARGS 2012 Eastern Winter Study Weekend Enjoy Nature at its finest by taking one of the 3 field trips offered as part of the weekend events. These trips include: Autumn in the GARDEN - A Time for Troughs - 1. McConnell’s Mills State Park - a rocky gorge created by Slippery Rock Creek includes a restored mill. Site of 2 endangered species – Laurentian Bladder Fern (Cystopteris laurentiana) and Harbinger of Spring (Erigenia bulbosa). Hiking these trails is considered light to moderate. 2. Jennings Blazing Star Prairie – a relic prairie from when Pennsylvania was all prairies over 10,000 years ago. Site of largest native stand of Blazing star gayfeather (Liatris spicata), large stands of native Asters and other fall blooming composites. 3. Pittsburgh Phipps Conservatory and Botanical October 12-14 Garden and National Aviary 2012 Rock Garden – the trip will go through areas of lovely fall forest and the tour of the nationally renowned Phipps Conservatory (second or third largest in the world depending on how space is calculated) is spectacular. The fall chrysanthemum show will be in full regalia and the tour will include visiting the newly renovated Allegheny Chapter rock garden at the National Aviary. Also in the weekend program will be speakers, workshops, vendors, trough show, plant auction, raffle and other events. ContaCts: Len Lehman (Chair) 362 Vermont Ave. Clairton, PA 15025 412-233-5902 Karen Schmidt (registrar) 111 N. Benbrook Road Butler, PA 16001 724-679-381 310 Rock Garden Quarterly Vol. 70 (3)

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Digital Quarterly
Expanding Panayoti's Axioms
Photo Contest 2012
Photographing Alpine Plants: A Landscape Point of View
NARGS 2013 Election Timetable
Rock Gardening from Scratch - Seeds
Kim Blaxland and the Violets of North America
Viola pedata
Violas, Kim, and Us - A Celebration
Cooking Native Japanese Plants
Carl Gehenio Memorial Trough Show
Fire in the Hole: Phlox across Colorado
Rebuilding a Rock Garden in Pittsburgh
A Remarkable Garden: David Douglas and the Shrub-steppe of the Columbia Plateau
Bookshelf - Reviews
Swedish Dreams
Treasurer's Report
Bulletin Board
2012 - Eastern Study Weekend: October, Pittsburgh

Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012