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profilesinpublishing ISACA, known primarily as an IT auditing association since its establishment in 1969, launched Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) last year. Created to serve the 85 percent of our members who identified a need for more career guidance on cybersecurity, CSX is a one-stop resource for cybersecurity professionals, those looking for a career change to cybersecurity, and enterprises seeking to develop their cybersecurity workforces. Recognizing that the focus on cybersecurity in President Obama's recent State of the Union address created a strong moment in time, ISACA saw a key opportunity to firmly establish itself as a thought leader and respected source of cybersecurity guidance and resources - and, more importantly, to provide valuable information for its members. » THE DAYS BEFORE ››››››››››››› Just a few short days before the president's cybersecurity preview speech, ISACA's chief marketing officer, Tim Mason, called a meeting with team leads from media relations, government relations, cybersecurity, marketing, web, and product management to discuss the opportunity and formulate a plan of action. Two main deliverables came from that meeting: (1) a global cybersecurity survey of our 115,000 members worldwide, enabling us to provide real-time insights on key cybersecurity topics, and (2) a new Legislative Watch area of the website, including a special report on the cybersecurity implications of the president's 32 MARCH/APRIL 15 signature DAYS BEFORE ISACA already had the perfect media launching pad in its cyber-focused publication. cybersecurity proposals. Mason encouraged staff to dream big and aim for the moon - in this case, a mention in the State of the Union address. "To quickly react to a moment in time, an association needs to foster an environment where measured risk taking is encouraged, and decision making is allowed and appreciated at all levels," says Mason. "Playing it safe is easy - but being smart, creative, and willing to try new things are aspects of a successful and innovative culture. If you have that kind of culture, you are uniquely positioned for success." In less than one day, the ISACA media relations team developed a 10-question Global Cybersecurity Status Report study and sent it to ISACA members worldwide. Even more impressive, after just 48 hours in the field, more than 3,400 members had responded, offering valuable insights on topics such as cybersecurity threats, skills shortages, and the proposals the president had just discussed in his preview speech prior to the State of the Union address. "Among the many ways associations support their members is by providing high-quality, trusted and timely news, and guidance. Associations have a valuable ability to communicate directly with the people on the front lines of their industry, and it is critical that we both gather and provide the information that helps members make good business decisions and continually enhance their organization and their career progression," says Deborah Oetjen, director of ISACA's communications/media relations team. "In ISACA's case, cybersecurity is a global issue and is featured in daily headlines and at prestigious events, including the World Economic Forum. The opinions and insights of our members add to the global discussion, and it is our job to listen to them and share with others." These timely statistics enabled the ISACA media relations team to approach the media with compelling, ofthe-moment information. As soon as the results were in and analyzed, ISACA announced them and a related news release on the morning of the State of the Union address. The day before the address, the media relations team worked hand-in-hand with the web team to quickly launch a landing page, which included blog posts, survey graphics, and insights from leading chief information security officers around the world. Social media was integrated from the very beginning, creating graphics and sharable content optimized for our social media platforms. "When implementing a communications plan, it is critical for social media to be included in the process from the start - making sure graphics and visuals are

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