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IV. First Order Bonus
The First Order Bonus is paid on the first commissionable volume order placed by a personally enrolled Brand Partner or Customer. This bonus is paid weekly and monthly to the first, second, and third
level in the Enrollment Downline Tree based on the table below:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Percent Commission
The immediate enroller of the Brand Partner is paid Level 1 at 20%, then the enroller of the immediate enroller is paid Level 2 at 10%, and finally, the third enroller is paid Level 3 at 5%. To earn the First Order
Bonus during the weekly bonus period, the Brand Partner must be Commission Active with at least 100 PV for the current or prior month. Orders placed by the Amare X Customer are not paid in the First Order
Bonus. Orders will be paid in accordance with the Amare X Compensation plan.
If a Brand Partner is inactive for the weekly bonus period for which they could have qualified for a First Order bonus, they will not be paid the weekly bonus. However, should the Brand Partner become Active for
the monthly bonus period, they will receive a " True Up, " which will pay the Brand Partner all unpaid First Order bonuses that occurred within the qualifying month. This is paid in the First Order Bonus (Monthly).
Unilevel Bonus is not paid on First Orders. Only one order per account may generate a First Order Bonus. Orders from Customer upgrading to Brand Partners do not qualify for this bonus. The First Order Bonus
is paid on Commissionable Volume. Volume paid in other compensation plans and/or from other markets will not be paid this bonus.
V. Me and Three Bonus
The Me and Three Bonus is paid monthly and is built around the primary method of operation - Generate sales from three Brand Partners or Customers and then teach each of them to do the same with three more!
Brand Partners must be Commission Active and have 600 PTV for the month to earn this bonus. The Enrollment Downline Tree is used for this bonus.
Me and Three Personal Bonus: A Brand Partner must be Commission Active, have 600 PTV, and personally enroll three (3) new Customers or Brand Partners with an order that contains at least 100 SSV and earn
$100. This is also known as the Me and Three Personal Enrollment Bonus. If a Brand Partner does not personally enroll three (3) new Customers or Brand Partners, the Brand Partner may maintain three (3) Customers
or Brand Partners they previously enrolled with an order that contains at least 100 SSV and earn $50 instead. This is only known as the Me and Three Personal Retention Bonus. The maximum for this bonus is $100.
Me and Three Team Bonus: In addition to being Commission Active and having 600 PTV, a Brand Partner must also maintain at least three (3) personally enrolled Brand Partners who earned their own Me & Three
Personal Bonus to earn the Me and Three Team Bonus of $250. The qualified downline must earn at least the Me and Three Personal Retention Bonus ($50) to earn this bonus.
VI. Focus On Five Bonus
Focus On Five Bonus: Personally enroll a total of five (5) new Customers or new Brand Partners who each places an initial order of at least 100 SSV during their enrollment month and have 600 PTV,
and you will earn a $300 bonus. Qualifying order must be placed at the time of enrollment. Orders cannot be combined in any way. One-time Purchase Orders do not qualify. Enrollees must have a
unique email, shipping address, and billing information to qualify someone for this bonus. Orders from Customers who upgrade to Amare Brand Partners do not count toward this bonus qualification.
Accounts placed by Amare in the Brand Partner's organization do not count towards the bonus qualification.
Generating meaningful income and rewards takes dedication and work. The typical Brand Partner earns $300.48/yearly. See the
Income Disclosure Statement found at The representation of income does not include expenses.
Compensation Plan: US v. 05_24

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