Footnotes - Summer 2023 - 12

Professionalism and Servitude:
Student of the Year Feature
By: Mark Gabriel, TUSPM Class of 2025
The APMSA awards one third year student the " Student of
the Year " award at the APMSA Annual House of Delegates.
Each school selects a nominee who has demonstrated
professionalism, accountability, community involvement,
and a dedication to their respective school and the podiatric
profession. Footnotes wanted to highlight some of the
nominees for the 2023 Student of the Year and invites the
reader to get to know some of these wonderful students who
have already enriched the lives of their fellow classmates
and podiatry as a whole. Each of the nominees was asked to
answer a few questions and are listed in alphabetical order.
Adam Reece (BUSPM)
Adam's love for podiatry stems from
the multitude of subfields contained
within it. " Only few other medical
specialties will see patients with such
a wide spectrum of pathologies "
including orthopedics, dermatology, endocrinology, sports
medicine, as well as many others. Adam did mention a
special interest in wound care given its advancements in
grafts, biologics, and molecular biology. Adam was deeply
grateful and honored when he was first informed of his
nomination but made sure to credit his " extremely talented
[and] bright " classmates. Adam provided this advice to
podiatric students, " Believe in yourself, always. It can be
hard at times if you did poorly on an exam or [had] an off
day in clinic to feel you are good enough, but every current
resident and practicing podiatrist has been in the same
situation. Understand that you have put in an immense
amount of work and you have the abilities to excel, you just
need to trust those abilities. " Adam is excited for the process
of visiting various residencies and matching during his
fourth year; in other words, he is " most excited just to see
how it all plays out. "
Alexandra Osorio (AZCPM)
After witnessing a variety of wound
debridements, fracture casts, and
post-op care while shadowing Dr.
Gunzy in Arizona, Alexandra was
hooked on podiatry. Watching the
podiatric physician blend physical therapy and medicine to
preserve a patient's limbs and " get [patients] back on their
feet'' showed Alexandra the potential that podiatric care
can have on patients. The application of biomechanics in
conservative and surgical interventions to wound care that
still holds a special place in Alexandra's heart and plans to
pursue that subfield post-graduation. Alexandra was also able
to nurture her musical talents during her second year, taking
up the bass and playing along to a " few of [her] favorite
band's most groovy songs. " Alexandra's advice for students
was to " find 'study-buddies' that you can learn from, study
with, and bond with throughout the shared experiences and
stressors we all encounter in our four years of school. A solid
group (or individual study buddy) can help make the latenight
study sessions more bearable. It can make camping out
at the library during finals week feel a little less lonely. As a
bonus, these relationships can even develop into friendships
sustained outside of the classroom! I couldn't imagine going
through the first two years of didactics without the support
of mine. " Alexandra is excited to research the developments

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