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profession. I can honestly say that being Board Certified by
the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery is the most
important credential that I have achieved.
So, Why ABFAS?
Achieving ABFAS Board Certification indicates that I
have been rigorously evaluated and have demonstrated the
requisite knowledge, judgment, and surgical skills necessary
to deliver the highest standard of care for my patients. In a
recent survey, patients rated " board certification " as the most
important criteria in choosing a foot and ankle surgeon.
Being ABFAS Board Certified shows that I am committed
to a higher professional standard to deliver better patient
care and surgical outcomes. ABFAS Board Certification is
recognized as the gold standard in the specialty field of foot
and ankle surgery. Our mission is to protect and improve the
health and welfare of the public by advancing the art and
science of foot and ankle surgery.
Many hospitals require ABFAS Board Qualification and/
or Certification for surgical privileges, and you do get your
initial hospital surgical privileges when you are Board
Qualified. Insurance companies may require physicians to
have specialty Board Qualification or Certification. Many
larger medical groups require ABFAS Board Certification
to become a shareholder or partner. It provides you with a
certain respect amongst your colleagues and other specialties
because it proves that you made the effort to undergo the
rigorous testing process that validates that you are practicing
at the highest level in your field.
ABFAS Board Certification includes Case Reviews as part
of the multi-year process, ensuring that ABFAS certified
podiatrists have a thorough level of clinical experience
and have attained a high level of surgical skill prior to
attaining Board Certification. As the only podiatric surgical
certification recognized by the CPME, ABFAS offers
podiatrists the opportunity to demonstrate a career-long
commitment to learn the latest advancements in podiatric
surgery and bring them to the best patient care.
Q: Do you have any favorite procedures or cases?
" ABFAS Board Certification
is recognized as the gold
standard in the specialty field
of foot and ankle surgery. "
A: I personally do not have a single favorite procedure,
but my favorite part of practicing is being able to make
a meaningful change in someone's life by making them
able to ambulate pain-free or better than they were prior
to surgical intervention. My most memorable procedures
were performing reconstructive pediatric surgeries in Peru
during a medical mission trip. We did surgeries for neglected
clubfoot deformities, cerebral palsy, and post-traumatic
pathologies. They were so appreciative and thankful; it was
truly humbling. So, I would probably say treating pediatric
congenital deformities are some of my favorite procedures.
Q: You hold many leadership positions in many organizations.
What inspired you to be so involved?
A: I will answer this as a two-part question: " the what " and
" the who. "
First " the what " : Throughout my life and career, I have
tried to live by the powerful words of Mahatma Gandhi,
" Be the change that you wish to see in the world. " It is with
this focused purpose and unrelenting passion that I have

Footnotes - Summer 2023

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