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Many are now part of orthopedic groups, multispecialty
groups, or large podiatry groups and are able to get
credentialed at their respective hospital systems to do the
kinds of surgeries they were trained to do.
Additionally, as they volunteered for the various
organizations, they would interact with other leaders of
the field who were all Board Certified and understood the
importance of this sought-after credential as it demonstrated
the surgical competency to help and protect the public.
Being a Board-Certified surgeon myself has helped me
become a referring provider for several of our local
doctors-even orthopedic surgeons-in the Shenandoah
Valley for their patients with simple or complex foot and
ankle pathologies. In this role, I have been able to provide
much needed second opinions and revisions.
It is also important to note that all of the Board-Certified
doctors in our healthcare system are able practice their
specialty without any limitations and are integral members of
our Limb Salvage Service.
Q: What would you advise podiatric students at our stage,
whether in terms of career prep or future leadership?
A: As students, you should study hard; read, read, read;
participate in research, if possible; and get involved early.
Start with your student organizations: APMSA, your ACFAS
student chapter, and your state association, to name a few.
Network with your colleagues locally and nationally. We
are in a small field so you will likely encounter each other at
externships, residencies, meetings, or workshops. Seek out
mentors who are leaders and learn from them, emulate them,
and then make your own path.
Extern at programs where you can be exposed to a wide
variety of training and which will actively educate you to
become Board Certified. Also make sure that they provide
the ABFAS ITE as this is important to test your annual
growth and expose you to the kind of questions and
pathologies that will be tested. Consider fellowships if you are
interested in advanced training.
We are lifelong learners, so continue to attend conferences
and workshops to maintain and gain new skills. When you
get involved early and often with the different organizations,
it will lead to continued advanced engagement once you
graduate. We are always looking for volunteers and want you
to be better than us, to take our baton further and advance
our field to be the imminent providers of foot and ankle care
for all.
Q: What direction would you like to see the field of podiatry move
in the future?
A: I would like to see more legislative advancement for
equitable pay for services, being recognized nationally as
physicians, and more research validating our treatment
efficacies. I would also like to see a focus on enhanced public
awareness of our field and the meaningful impact we have on
our patients.
Just as important, I would like to see more campaigns to
recruit more students. There is a lot more work to be done,
but with you all, Mark [Gabriel], Jeneen [Elagha], and
your fellow students, I am confident that you all will make it
happen. You can do it! Good luck and thank you.
APMSA would like to thank Dr. Ramdass for his time and
insight on the importance of ABFAS Board Qualification
and Certification and steps for student success.
Any students interested in reading the full transcript of
this interview, or with questions for either the writer
or interviewee are welcome to contact Mark Gabriel at

Footnotes - Summer 2023

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