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During her residency at St. Luke's Hospital, Dr. Vlahovic's
interest in dermatology was sparked during dermatology
rotations. Interestingly, dermatology was not her favorite class
initially, but her attending physician opened her eyes to the
field, igniting a newfound love for it.
Following her residency, Dr. Vlahovic secured a position as
a clinical professor in dermatology at Temple University
School of Podiatric Medicine (TUSPM). Recognizing
the relevance of dermatology in podiatry, particularly in
private practice, she aimed to make dermatology enjoyable
and memorable for her students. Identifying dermatologic
conditions is a crucial skill in podiatric practice as it can
significantly impact patients' lives. By detecting and treating
skin conditions, podiatrists can not only alleviate discomfort
but also potentially save lives by identifying skin cancer. As an
instructor, Dr. Vlahovic's goal has been to equip her students
with the tools and skills necessary to confidently identify
abnormalities. She goes above and beyond to ensure her
students receive a comprehensive education.
When asked about advice for students interested in following
her path, Dr. Vlahovic emphasized the importance of seizing
opportunities to learn. While the dermatology fellowship
is no longer available in podiatry, she encouraged students
to take full advantage of the dermatology rotation during
their residency. She urged them not to hesitate to approach
their residency directors and advocate for a dermatology
fellowship within their program. Finding a mentor who
is willing to go the extra mile is crucial. Dr. Vlahovic
emphasized that if a particular aspect of podiatry interests
them, they should pursue it wholeheartedly.
Fun Facts
Dr. Vlahovic holds the distinction of being the first female
podiatrist of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
of Glasgow.
Among her proudest achievements are her contributions
to TUSPM. Receiving teaching awards at TUSPM is an
esteemed honor in itself. Dr. Vlahovic finds joy in impacting
student education, both through classroom instruction and
clinical guidance. She cherishes the moments when students
return after externships and residencies, expressing gratitude
for the dermatology topics and clinic experiences they had
under her guidance. The dermatologic conditions taught in
class are relevant to their future careers as podiatrists.
One of Dr. Vlahovic's professional goals was to write a book.
In 2012, she accomplished this goal by publishing her first
book, " Skin Disease of the Lower Extremity: A Photographic
Guide. " She thoroughly enjoyed the writing process and has
since released her third book, " Atlas of Lower Extremity Skin
Disease " in 2022. Additionally, she has contributed to various
chapters in textbooks, relishing the opportunity to share her
knowledge gained over the years.
When not teaching at TUSPM or in clinic, Dr. Vlahovic
travels nationally and internationally to attend conferences
and deliver lectures. Her favorite aspect of lecturing at
conferences is the opportunity to meet people from diverse
backgrounds and learn from them. This experience has
allowed her to travel and lecture in Spain, engage with
doctors and professionals in Asia, and collaborate on papers
and research with experts worldwide.
Dr. Vlahovic has witnessed extraordinary cases throughout
her career. One particularly intriguing case involved verruca
carcinoma infiltrating the bone. The slow metastasis of
this condition made seeing it in person a mind-blowing

Footnotes - Summer 2023

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