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FOR ON THE FLOOR An outlet for the views of today's maintenance & reliability professionals NFPA 70E 2015: Making Its Way Into Plants Rick Carter Executive Editor T he National Fire Protec"I'm pretty well up on the 2012 tion Association's (NFPA) edition. I do not have the newest Standard for Electrical edition, but I borrowed one to see Safety in the Workplace- the changes." NFPA 70E-should be required ... Maintenance Coordinator, reading for anyone who works Mid-Atlantic on energized equipment. Revised every three years, the Standard's "I am very familiar with these latest version-the 2015 edition standards. I once was an inspector (which supersedes all others)-is for [a large pipe-manufacturing Founded in 1896, the available for purchase or free company] and would visit plants nonprofit National Fire download at to see if they were in compliProtection Agency (NFPA), The several changes NFPA ance with OSHA 1910 Subpart Quincy, MA, is devoted to approves after each review period S-Electrical. I'm also very familiar eliminating death, injury, are designed to further clarify with NFPA 79 [the Electrical Stanproperty and economic loss terminology and procedural dard for Industrial Machinery]." due to fire, electrical, and descriptions to make them as ... Consultant, South related hazards. Its work simple as possible to understand, includes creation and delivery implement, and follow. Among "I am very familiar with the of more than 300 consensus those who regularly work on NFPA standards and how they are codes and standards, electrical equipment, the changes implemented across our plants." research, training, education, are ideally met with anticipation, ... Production Support Manager, outreach, and advocacy. carefully reviewed, and worked Midwest into company programs. Does this always happen? According to "Very familiar. Our facility follows benchmarks such as OSHA's annual Top 10 list of them as closely as possible." most-violated regulations in the workplace-which ... Sr. Facilities Engineer, South routinely includes several for electrical safety-the answer to this is a firm no. But when asked about "I'm as familiar as I need to be, considering I do the recognition and implementation of NFPA 70E little electrical work. I know enough to get a qualiand the 2015 changes in their own operations, our fied electrician or electrical engineer involved when Maintenance Technology Reader Panelists' were building or modifying an electrical system." more encouraging. Here's what they had to say: ... Maintenance Engineer, West Q  Q  "We are very familiar at our facility because we deal with all types of electrical equipment with voltages up to 345 KV." "We are knowledgeable and current with the changes." How familiar are you with the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and other NFPA electrical standards, and how they are implemented at your operation? ... Maintenance Supervisor, Midwest 10 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY How familiar are you with the recent changes to 70E, a portion of which places more emphasis on electrical-equipment maintenance? Have these changes been, or will they soon be, integrated into your electrical-safety program? ... Maintenance Supervisor, Midwest AUGUST 2015

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