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ELECTRICAL SAFETY STEP UP TO GREATER Electrical Awareness The 2015 changes to the NFPA 70E electricalsafety standard include new perspectives on maintenance, use of PPE, and terminology-all of which could have an impact on your operation. Arc-flash power is demonstrated in a controlled setting. The event vaporizes metal, enormously expanding its volume and instantly producing temperatures of 35,000 F or higher. Photo courtesy AVO Training Institute. AUGUST 2015 Rick Carter Executive Editor ELECTRICALSAFETY STANDARDS turn up regularly on OSHA's Top 10 List of "Most Frequently Cited" violations each year. On the current list, dated October 2014, electrical standards hold three of the 10 positions: ■ #6 - Lockout/Tagout (1910.147) ■ #8 - Electrical, Wiring Methods (1910.305) ■ #10 - Electrical, General Requirements (1910.303) Go back one or several years and you'll see much the same lineup; only the order changes slightly (though the Fall Protection standard, 1926.501, often leads). To many, this bewildering repetition of rule breaking is akin to failing an open-book test when all questions and answers are fully provided beforehand. How does it happen? OSHA outlines its violations online at, but these terse reports do not address causes. Rather, they highlight the hazard violation: unexpected energization, working near live equipment without training, exposure to electrical shock hazards, and unguarded parts of live electrical equipment. These alone encompass a "who's who" of what can go wrong in a plant when the focus on safety wavers. They also paint a disturbing picture of the poor safety condition in which plants can sometimes find themselves. Standard rules, inconsistent adherence "It really depends on the facility," said Tim Rohrer, president of Exiscan LLC, a New MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM | 33 http://www.MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM

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