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PRODUCTS Torque Arm Drive System TADS hydraulic-drive system from Bosch Rexroth is a powerful, self-contained drive package for applications and systems where space is limited. The system is available with either internal splines or a hollow output shaft with a compression coupling that mounts directly to a machine's drive shaft. Flexible shaft couplings and associated alignment problems, extra-long hoses or lines, and control lines between conventional power unit and motor are eliminated. Hägglunds Charlotte, NC Submersible Wastewater Pumps SL submersible wastewater pumps handle raw, unscreened sewage and effluent and large volumes of surface and process water in municipal, utility, and industrial applications. These solidshanding units (in motor ranges from 1.5 to 15 hp) are offered with two types of impellers. The SLV/SuperVortex impeller provides the free passage of as much as 4-in.-dia. solids, making it appropriate for pumping liquids with high contents of solids, fibers, or gassy sludge. The SL1/S tube impeller accommodates as much as 4-in.-dia. solids and is designed for large flows of raw sewage. Grundfos Downers Grove, IL Marketplace For rate information on advertising in Marketplace, contact Phil Saran at Delivers these important benefits... Reduces vibration Eliminates downtime and production delays 3-D Sales Corporation, d/b/a Mr. Shims AUGUST 2015 Mr. Shims 1x2.indd 1 1-800-72-SHIMS (1-800-727-4467) Belt/Sheave Laser Alignment Tool Phone: (708) 557-1021 E-mail: 6/10/14 4:19 PM OIL MIST & SMOKE IN YOUR SHOP? Tel: 1-800-645-4174 MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM | 45 http://www.MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM

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Maintenance Technology August 2015