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PRODUCTS LEADING EDGE Tethered Operator Interface The Allen-Bradley MobileView tethered operator interface is a mobile terminal that allows users to carry a machine's human-machine interface (HMI) wherever they go and make real-time adjustments to out-of-view applications. According to the company, the product is well suited for maintenance tasks, machine setup, calibration activities, and other HMI applications that require operators to see machines. Inclusion of a hardwired e-stop button and threeposition enabling switch supports applications that require local safety functionality. The interface complements the manufacturer's Allen-Bradley PanelView graphic terminals that offer operations a range of fixed and mobile options for different applications. By incorporating the company's FactoryTalk View Machine Edition (ME) HMI software, the product lets users develop and re-use software applications across MobileView and PanelView platforms. Three cable-length options (from 16.4 ft. to 49.2 ft.) offer flexibility for different machines and production lines. Other features include a 10-in. display with resistive touch screen, a 2-GB internal SD card for application storage, and a USB 2.0 port for high-speed data transfer. Software-assignable functions are available as an option, with either a hardwired momentaryilluminated pushbutton or three-position key switch. For more information, visit ab.rockwellautomation. com/computers Rockwell Automation Milwaukee 40 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS Industrial Matrix Drive U1000 industrial matrix units incorporate a matrix of nine bi-directional switches that convert a three-phase AC input voltage directly into a three-phase AC output voltage. This eliminates the need for the rectifying and DC-smoothing circuits that are used in traditional AC drive inverters. The result is a compact drive with full regenerative capability and reduced harmonic distortion. Traditional drives use regenerative braking resistors to dissipate energy as heat, reducing energy efficiency. The U1000 industrial matrix drive allows the return of regenerative energy directly back to the power supply, increasing energy efficiency and saving money. Yaskawa Waukegan, IL Ultrasonic Probes The MB.FPA16 and B.FPA16 ultrasonic probes feature hard-face, direct-contact surfaces instead of non-abrasive protective membranes. As a result, they are said to offer long working life and high sensitivity without the need for delay lines, providing the time-saving, comprehensive coverage of phasedarray technology. Typical applications include fast, accurate, and comprehensive inspection of billets, welds, and forgings in a wide range of industrial sectors. The probes are each available at frequencies of 2 and 4 MHz. Probes have a longitudinal steering wave range of ±35 deg., and MB.FPA16 probes a steering range of ±45 deg., providing comprehensive sector scan coverage without the need for wedges. GE Measurement & Control Huerth, Germany JULY 2015

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