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FOR ON THE FLOOR An outlet for the views of today's maintenance & reliability professionals Sources of Mentor Wisdom Rick Carter Executive Editor C areer guidance comes in many ways. It can start with parents, then is typically refined on the job as careers develop and professional relationships grow. The mentoring process has long been associated with guidance in the workplace, especially in the industrial trades. It still is, according to our Maintenance Technology Reader Panelists. Most panelists say they are fortunate enough to have been associated with an experienced colleague who was glad to (or tasked to) share that in-depth knowledge and experience. Guidance can also derive from memorable words spoken or written by a leader or thinker. Following is a look at who and what has helped take our panelists to this point in their careers. Q  Have you ever had someone in your career you considered a mentor? "There were two: One was my father who taught me at an early age that if you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and not be ashamed of what you see, you did well. The other was my drill sergeant who taught me not to sweat the small stuff-and at the end of the day, most everything was small stuff." shooting and dealing with difficult decisions." ... Former Chief Maintenance Engineer, now Trainer, West "My mentor was my father. When I started out in my trade, he was the journeyman I worked under. He had over 30 years at the company then, and I think he was harder on me than the other apprentices." ... Maintenance Engineer, Midwest 'Winston Ledet's book, Don't Just Fix It, Improve It! really shows how listening to the people closest to the problems can help you solve those problems.' "I've had several: When I was an apprentice, and at least four in the military. Later in my career, another mentor taught me that if you want to move up, build a very competent successor. This way, no one will try to hold you back because you'll be missed." ... Consultant/Trainer, Canada "My mentor was my supervisor when I was starting out. Over the years I have worked for him at different places. He not only helped with my development when I reported to him, I used to bounce ideas and issues off him for guidance when we were no longer working together." ... Maintenance Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic "Yes-a person who was hired about a year before me. We have similar backgrounds, though he has more experience. He has been a resource when I'm dealing with technical problems, and has also supported my career development." ... Maintenance Engineer, West "My best mentor was an executive vice president when I was a development engineer. His guidance helped me be very successful, especially in handling politics. He taught me about corporate trouble- 10 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY ... Maintenance Supervisor, Midwest Q  What role, if any, has your company played in encouraging mentorship? How valuable do you believe mentorship is or could be? "I believe mentoring is good, but I have never worked anywhere where there was an established program for it. You had to find someone you clicked with and wanted to learn from." ... Maintenance Supervisor, Midwest "Two contract employers provided one common JUNE 2015

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