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RELIABILITY SOLUTIONS Improved Culture Cuts Downtime Infusing cultural improvements into reliability strategies helped Dow's Deer Park, TX, operations realize an 85% improvement in unplanned instrument-related downtime. Shadrach A. Stephens The Dow Chemical Co. Dow's Deer Park, TX, operations employ nearly 700 people within eight production areas that run as separate 'plants within a plant.' Specialty chemicals manufactured here go into a wide range of consumer products, including paints, detergents, floor-care solutions, adhesives and sealants, coatings, plastics, personal-care items, and water-purification chemicals. 20 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY AS MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHER Peter Drucker once described it, "Company culture is like country culture: Never try to change it. Instead, work with what you have." That's what we've done at Dow Deer Park. Instead of an emphasis on making changes with respect to our site's instrument-reliability program, we focus on delivering improvements. In turn, the results of our team effort have led to an 85% reduction in instrument-related unplanned downtime. What we've learned along the way could help others on their own reliability journeys. Empowering our reliability team to meet expectations was the start of our journey toward a goal of zero instrument-related unplanned downtime. From 2008 to 2011, we averaged 50 unplanned events annually. As a result of our program, the team concluded 2014 with just eight unplanned events. Through the first quarter of 2015, we only had one. The following examples reflect several of our specific improvements over the past four years: ■ Among the many instrumented technologies in a plant, control valves are the most likely to suffer wear and cycle damage. In the past, Deer Park had been dealing with an annual average of 17 unplanned downtime events associated with these issues. To reduce these problems, we developed a threepronged approach: » prioritize our most critical valves » adhere to sound spare-parts-management practices JUNE 2015

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