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WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT ASSIGN AREAS TO Maximize Power-Plant Skills Use this laborspecialization approach to make the most out of a limited number of skilled T.E. Baker Sumatron Inc. workers, cut costs, improve efficiency, and enhance safety. Note that there are a number of gray areas involving COUNTLESS OPERATIONS AROUND the globe are programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other equipment feeling the impact of the ongoing skilled-workforce crisis. that could be assigned to any of the journeymen positions to That situation, combined with the types of advanced digitalbalance the workload. For example, let's use a site that doesn't logic technologies on which industries now rely, presents have enough protection work to justify a serious challenges for plants, including full-time protective-relay technician. In such those in the power-generating sector. a case, the relay technician could also be Overcoming them calls for best-practice strategies and tactics when deploying If managed properly, assigned responsibilities for turbine-governor control, turbine-supervisory instrumentation, available workers. A form of labor main-unit tripping, and managing electrical specialization can be an effective the self-sufficient drawing revisions. approach. approach is more This article focuses on three crafts or journeymen positions at large generating The self-sufficient method economical than stations: electricians, instrument techniPower-plant managers generally take one of cians, and protective-relay technicians. two staffing approaches-minimize manning using contractors. The principle responsibilities for these by contracting out the necessary work or individual positions, from the least to the hiring sufficient in-house staff in the required highest paid are: skill areas, i.e., the self-sufficient approach. If managed properly, the self-sufficient approach is more economical than ■ electricians-electrical-apparatus maintenance using contractors. Benefits include: ■ instrument technicians-physical measurement of pressure, flow, and temperatures, and associated closed-loop process ■ more efficient workforce through labor specialization control ■ faster turnaround times, as a result of having on-site expertise to immediately deal with equipment failure ■ protective-relay technicians-protective relaying, electrical measurements, and generator excitation. ■ better utilization of employee strengths 24 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY JUNE 2015

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Compressed Air Challenge
Friction, Fluid Optimize High-Inertia Systems
Improved Culture Cuts Downtime
Maximimize Power-Plant Skills
Gateways Make Systems Multilingual
Technology Showcase
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Maintenance Technology June 2015