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DATA CONTROL GATEWAYS Make Systems Multilingual Industrial Ethernet gateways streamline equipment communication by handling protocol conversion. They'll also monitor energy use and add functionality to older equipment. 28 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Rick Carter Executive Editor IF YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT the industrial Ethernet gateway, you may be missing an opportunity to improve communication among your automated equipment, make older equipment more functional, and simplify activities such as network troubleshooting and energy monitoring. The Ethernet gateway-also referred to as a protocol converter or simply a gateway-is a standalone device that converts a signal from one protocol to another. It can convert a Modbus RTU (remote terminal unit) to Modbus TCP (transmission control protocol), for example, or make other conversions, such as Modbus RTU to PROFIBUS or Profinet. It achieves this with a built-in CPU and memory-storage capability that allows connected equipment to communicate directly with the gateway instead of with each other using the PLC. This JUNE 2015

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Maintenance Technology June 2015