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VOICE FROM THE FIELD Rendela Wenzel is a reliability star in a global arena. She Ignores The Glass Ceiling Rendela Wenzel works in the office and in the field as a reliability engineer with Eli Lilly and Co. Rendela's Credentials Michelle Segrest, Contributing Editor RENDELA WENZEL APPROACHES each maintenance issue like a CSI investigator. "I love to understand how things work and explore the mystery behind equipment failures," she said. "The main difference between a police detective and me is that I investigate and fix machines, not people." A global consultant engineer, Wenzel uses every tool in her toolbox. However, her most effective tools are experience, analytical thinking, training, and a belief that every option should be exhausted. "Let's say we have a bearing issue. I can look at the peaks and tell you how many side bands there are and what APRIL 2016 frequencies are off," said Wenzel, who specializes in maintenance-and-reliability engineering for Eli Lilly, headquartered in Indianapolis. "I can pinpoint the approximate amount of life left in the bearing. I can tell you if the lubrication was adequate. We can use thermography to look at the heat signature. Like a CSI investigator, I go in and examine all the details, then troubleshoot a problem from the inside out." Her first step is to take a look at the body. "You can't do an investigation without the body. Instead of a body, I have a piece of equipment," she said. Global Consultant Engineer, Reliability-Eli Lilly, Eli Lilly and Co. ■ BS Mechanical Engineering, Purdue Univ. ■ MBA ■ CMRP ■ MLAII ■ Thermography I ■ Ultrasonics I ■ Vibration II "The chalk line is drawn, and they bring me the part. They may bring the bearing or the pulley or the whole pump. We have an area in predictive maintenance where they will go in and cut those apart. We then write tech reports and give it to management. It's like a police investigation, and I get to do all the reporting around it. A woman in a man's world Wenzel's enthusiasm for diagnosing MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM | 17 http://www.MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM

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On The Floor
Culture Changed At This Indiana Refinery
She Ignores The Glass Ceiling
Loadability Studies Aid PRC-025-1 Compliance
Look System-Wide For Cost Savings
Reliable Pumping Supplement
Fund Lubrication Program With Energy Savings
Emergency-Stop Choices
Cyber Security
Backup Generators
Infrared Safety Tips
Internet Of Things
ISO 55000
Motor-Testing Tools Expand Services
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Maintenance Technology April 2016