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PRODUCTS PRODUCTS FEATURED PRODUCT High-Def Vibration Analysis HD Enveloping is a high-definition vibrationanalysis technique for detecting early stage gear and bearing faults. An effective complement to traditional vibration analysis, it can reveal machine problems that are typically difficult to identify with conventional non-enveloping techniques. The method uses engineered and patented algorithms for digital signal processing that preserve the true highest peak of the vibration signal. The enveloping then extracts and enhances signals of interest buried in the machine noise from the over equipment vibration signal. According to the manufacturer, HD Enveloping is suitable for monitoring applications in the 15,000 to 20,000 rpm range. The company offers other HD-measurement technology for applications under 15,000 rpm. SPM Instrument Inc. Eugene, OR Compressed Air Filter SuperStar .01 micron filter installs at the point of use in a compressed air system to remove moisture and contaminants from air lines to improve and extend the life cycle of tools and equipment. The four-stage filter is said to operate most effectively within 25 ft. of point of use. Incorporating a charcoal-absorption element, the filter offers a standard .01 micron rating with flow ranges of 50, 75, or 100 SCFM and pressure ratings of 250 psi. LA-MAN Corp. Mazeppa, MN Power-Dense, Low-Profile DC Motors The RPM PD series DC motors have an armature design to produce full power over extended speed ranges with reported smooth torque transitions and minimal cogging during low-speed operation. The power-dense, low-profile units have longer-length standard brushes with a mechanical monitoring system for increased run time between scheduled maintenance. Standard brushes are placed in a rotatable brush gearing system with a snap-point alignment pin said to simplify change outs. Baldor Electric Co. Fort Smith, AR 48 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY APRIL 2016

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On The Floor
Culture Changed At This Indiana Refinery
She Ignores The Glass Ceiling
Loadability Studies Aid PRC-025-1 Compliance
Look System-Wide For Cost Savings
Reliable Pumping Supplement
Fund Lubrication Program With Energy Savings
Emergency-Stop Choices
Cyber Security
Backup Generators
Infrared Safety Tips
Internet Of Things
ISO 55000
Motor-Testing Tools Expand Services
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Maintenance Technology April 2016