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PLANT PROFILE The zoo's carousel must be maintained with strict safety standards to keep visitors protected and happy. Photos by Michelle Segrest In the Jungle Advanced Software Comes to Life Michelle Segrest, Contributing Editor MAINTAINING A 23ACRE park with attractions, indoor and outdoor facilities, fountains, special exhibits, irrigation and landscaping, and more than 700 live animals-some of them deadly-requires coordination, diversity, and special tools. The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society in southern Florida must accomplish all of this while also honoring its mission to inspire others to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world. With a full-time maintenance staff of just six professionals, facilities manager Jason Witmer must carefully coordinate the many job requests that range from checking and repairing safety latches to maintaining complex filtration systems, coolers, and HVAC equipment. Using computerized maintenance management software from Mapcon 16 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Technologies Inc., Johnston, IA, Witmer can roam the grounds and receive maintenance alerts from anywhere in the park with a mobile app. Customized to the park's needs, the technology can send him an alert from "Asia" that maintenance is needed on the Malayan tiger's habitat, or he might be notified that the carousel is not functioning properly. Or, perhaps it's time to maintain the filter on the two baby grizzly bears' swimming pool. Witmer can then virtually assign the task to one of the maintenance professionals. He is also notified when the job has been completed, along with a report of the job's details. At any time, he can retrieve data that allow him to predict future maintenance and schedule nonurgent requests. "We use Mapcon in at least 100 An advanced CMMS program helps manage the maintenance of a complex and diverse park facility. different ways throughout the zoo," Witmer said. "From the conservation aspect, we use it to keep meter readings for our electrical panels. We have several throughout the zoo from which we can take manual readings and enter into the program. We track our water meters and keep data of our well usage, which we have to report to the city. This is important because all of the plants on the grounds here have irrigation. One little leak can cause a lot of water usage without even knowing it for a while. We even use Mapcon in our commissary to order food for our animals." Data are entered bi-weekly and monitored against previous-month trends. The software also monitors the amount of waste that goes to the compost pile, which is then used in the sustainability garden. AUGUST 2016

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