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MY TAKE Pathway Payoffs T and obtained a professional he headline of an Tips for Educators certification or license. Education Week blog Although each of those post ( and Policymakers factors seems to exert a by veteran education positive effect most of the reporter Catherine Gewertz ■ High-level math and science time, Hull and Dillon noted seemed mildly interesting: courses are not just for collegeJane Alexander they are "especially powerful "Combination of Career, bound students. Managing Editor in combination." They refer to Academic Skills Pays Off for ■ Vocational training should this formula as "high credenH.S. Grads, Study Finds." That focus on specific job skills. tialed," a term they coined is, until I read the teaser under ■ Vocational courses are not and introduced in the second it: "High school graduates with just for students who aren't installment of this report advanced math and science, pursuing a college education. series. good grades, and a profes■ Helping students map out their What Hull and Dillon didn't sional license or certificate future is key to their success. do at that time was distinguish earned more than young between those who attended adults with bachelor's degrees." a two- or four-year institution I was hooked. (trade schools aren't included in the list) or between Reading further, I learned that Gewertz was those who obtained a degree and those who didn't. alluding to a recently released Center for Public This third and final report does, including emphaEducation (CPE), Alexandria, VA, report titled sizing that, among the college-going groups, "no The Path Least Taken III. A final installment in a one enjoyed a greater likelihood of success" than three-part series of reports based on data collected four-year degree holders, who pulled in dramatithrough the U.S. Department of Education's (Washcally higher wages and contributed much more ington) long-term study of Class of 2004 graduates, to retirement by the age of 26 than the average it offers some food for thought for those who might non-college goer. have an interest in development and deployment of These differences shrank, however, when foura highly skilled technical workforce. year university graduates were compared against high-credentialed non-college goers, who reported similar success in many areas, i.e., job security, A 'high-credentialed' head start can supervisory experience, and job satisfaction. help students wherever life takes them. According to the report, the head start from high credentials helped members of the Class of 2004, no matter where they ended up in life. The greatest impact was seen in non-college goers, "who, on In a nutshell, as Gewertz wrote, "The right average, had the lowest chances of landing full-time combination of career and academic skills can employment, making a living wage, and receiving pay off for high school graduates who don't go to medical insurance." Hull and Dillon conclude that, college, producing higher wages and a better chance with rigorous, more-focused high school courses, of working full time, than their peers who earn those individuals are the biggest beneficiaries of a associate degrees or leave college without earning a high-credentialed curriculum, "attaining greater degree." levels of economic success than even those who To be specific, the report's authors, former went to college but failed to graduate." CPE senior analyst Jim Hull and CPE managing There are more highlights in this report than I editor Naomi Dillon, found that non-college goers can possibly cover in a single page. Why don't you did much better in the labor market if they had read it yourself? Find the entire series at centerforcompleted high-level math and science courses, earned average to above-average grades, completed I'll be interested in your take on it. MT multiple vocational courses focusing on a specific labor market area (occupational concentration), 4| MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY AUGUST 2016

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On The Floor
Accepting The Challenge
Advanced Software In The Jungle
Put Efficiency in MRO Storerooms
Rethink Overall Vibration Monitoring
Reliable Pumping Supplement
Practical Oil Analysis: Why and What For?
SAP Tips and Tricks
Maximize Ethernet
Compressed Air Care
Nurture STEM Learning
Heed Drive-Belt Temps
Internet of Things
ISO 55000
Ad Index
Final Thought

Maintenance Technology August 2016