Maintenance Technology January 2016 - (Page 12)

PLANT PROFILE A Hydro technician machines a bowl from a vertical pump to make it concentric, parallel, and perpendicular. All photos courtesy Hydro Inc. KEEPING OLD MACHINES Running Like New Hydro Inc. incorporates small, continuous improvements with careful maintenance coordination to achieve long life from a diverse collection of machines. Michelle Segrest, Contributing Editor 12 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY JANUARY 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Maintenance Technology January 2016

My Take
On The Floor
Keeping Old Machines Running Like New
Operational Excellence Is A Competitive Necessity
Sell Reliability to Management
Several Hands Responsible For This Oil Debacle
Infrared Detects Leaks
Mobile CMMS Benefits
Gear Pitting Issues
Manage Energy Processes
Ad Index
Final Thought

Maintenance Technology January 2016