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FEATURED PRODUCT PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Program Helps Sites Determine Switching Strategies Wirelessly Manage Bulk Solids/Liquids BinView is a web-based monitoring solution for bins, tanks, and silos that allows remote, wireless inventory management of bulk solids or liquids. According to the manufacturer, the technology meets the need for real-time control in a range of industries and applications, including feed, grain, cement, chemicals, and petroleum. With BinView, data streams instantaneously from BinMaster sensors to the Internet 24/7, providing current and historical inventory data to authorized users. Automated email and cell-phone alerts are sent when bin conditions meet user-defined thresholds. Core components include SmartBob2, SmartBob-TS1, SmartSonic ultrasonic and SmartWave radar sensors mounted on the bins, a wireless or wired data-communications network, a gateway to provide connectivity to a personal computer or IP network, and data-collection software that can be accessed by any Internet-connected computer. BinMaster Lincoln, NE JANUARY 2016 The manufacturer of a range of digital and mechanical switches, including the Hart-enabled One Series 1XTXSW hybrid that functions as a switch, gauge, and transmitter, now offers a program to help facilities define their industrial switching strategies. According to the company, a typical process plant might have anywhere from 100 to 1,000 mechanical switches installed, including some nearing the end of their useful lives or taking up operating space that could be filled by better contributors to plant control, process efficiency, and safety. Within the scope of the recently launched program, applications experts will meet with plant managers and conduct a guided assessment of requirements for operational visibility, adjustability, safety, availability, energy conservation, economy, and hazardous locations, and help identify the right combination of legacy and new digital switches that can meet them now and into the future. United Electric Controls (UE) Watertown, MA Expanded Condition Monitoring According to the exclusive distributor of Fixturelaser brand alignment products, the entire Oneprod portfolio of integrated condition-monitoring tools is available in the U.S. This recent expansion of offerings includes two portable tools, the Hawk and Falcon, and two online systems, the Eagle and MVX. All four are integrated seamlessly by the Oneprod Nest software platform that serves as an analysis and reporting interface, as well as a measurement database. The Nest can be deployed as a cloud-based app or installed on a facility's server or single computer. The Oneprod line is designed to fill gaps in a site's already existing predictive maintenance program and to serve as an all-in-one solution for facilities that are seeking to start such programs. VibrAlign Inc. A business of AECOM S.A. Richmond, VA MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM | 39 http://www.MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM

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