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ON THE FLOOR An outlet for the views of today's maintenance & reliability professionals Looking Ahead And Back Jane Alexander Managing Editor J anuary is often thought of as a month for looking forward and backward, and this reader forum is as good a place as any to do it. While the end of one year and start of another can be an especially busy time for those serving in the maintenance and reliability trenches, we know it's also a time when many are thinking about their work-related goals-including past ones not yet realized. Here, edited for clarity and brevity, are answers to the final two, admittedly softball, MT Reader Panelist questions of 2015. We thank those who managed to carve out a few minutes from their hectic business and personal schedules to thoughtfully respond in the run-up to 2016. Q  What maintenance- or reliability-focused goals have you and your organization made for 2016 and why (or what goals of this type have your clients or customers made)? "Speaking for my clients, to have all KPIs integrated in a business-intelligence system so they can take action and discover opportunities for improvement. This includes conducting real-time condition monitoring. Also to assure that this model is reflected in the organizations' ERP and associated with ISO55000 efforts." ... Senior Operations/Maintenance Consultant, Mexico "This is written from our customers' standpoint. They are focusing on life extension of lubricants and equipment through whatever means possible. Within the metals industry, monies are not available to implement reliability right now so they are running based on gap sleds for casters, and not on vibration, thermo, or other. It is tough out there in this industry, but we are making do with further lab data and analytics. In power generation though, the main focus is on uptime and making the necessary changes to be ready and come online without interruption, so turbine fluid and maintenance is key to this requirement from the government. Marine is focusing more on meeting the VGP requirements for EALs, emissions, and others so As we begin a new year we asked our panel members to look at whether 2015 goals were met and to identify maintenance and reliability goals they have set for 2016. 8| MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY JANUARY 2016

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