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VOICE FROM THE FIELD Right. Co-op student Tamisha Banks, Jayne Beck, and engineer Yasmin Bolanos (l-r) review 3D drawings. Below. Teamwork in action to build the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower at the Siemens "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" event. All images courtesy of Siemens. Beck Helps Women Excel in Engineering Jayne Beck uses her own life experience to encourage girls to pursue careers in engineering. Michelle Segrest, Contributing Editor 18 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY MAY 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Maintenance Technology May 2016

On The Floor
A 40% Production Boost From Reliability
Beck Helps Women Excel In Engineering
Unleash Your Plant's Hidden Potential
Right-Size Your Maintenance Organization
Respect The Cornerstones of Manual Grease Lubrication
Motor Connection Advice
Maximize Millennial Workers
Compressed Air Filtration
Pneumatic Tubing & Hose Specs
Ad Index
Final Thought

Maintenance Technology May 2016