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OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES Every site, regardless of industry sector, has a 'hidden plant' that holds great potential for higher production rates and lower costs. Unleash Your Plant's Hidden Potential Equipment effectiveness is key to meeting desired production levels, lowering costs, improving quality, and, ultimately, boosting profits. David Rosenthal, P.E., CMRP PRODUCTION TIME IS a terrible thing to waste. Sadly, manufacturers across continuous-process and discrete industries are doing just that. They're not addressing the "hidden plant" that holds great potential for higher production rates and lower costs. As an example, consider the situation that the dropping oil prices caused in many operations. To consumers, low oil prices may be a blessing. To manufacturers that depend on demand for their oil-based products and the price of incoming raw materials, however, it's a dualpronged challenge, i.e., ensuring that fixed and variable costs are minimized and production rates are maximized to attain desired margins. Addressing this situation is a good example of 22 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY where the "hidden plant" comes in-and every site has one. The "hidden plant," which no one can see, represents the part of an operation that helps generate profits, but not through the production of saleable product. Fortunately, there are numerous tools and methods available to help unleash your "hidden plant." It all starts with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Importance of OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness is crucial to all industries, regardless of sector. It points to waste in terms of equipment breakdown, slower running times, and making off-specifiMAY 2016

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A 40% Production Boost From Reliability
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