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PLANT PROFILE TIERED EMPOWERMENT Drives PEX Reliability The proactive efforts of the Uponor maintenance team power a strategy that keeps the machines running and maintains optimum PEX-piping quality. Michelle Segrest, Contributing Editor EXPERIENCE, COMMUNICATION, constant improvement, and sustainable manufacturing practices are the building blocks of the maintenance strategy at Uponor North America. Empowerment is the core component. "Empowerment is given at every level to ensure that the problems are fixed early. This is how the whole four-tier system is designed," maintenance manager Ron Berg explained. "Even at the lowest level, everyone gets involved, everyone has buy in, and everyone is empowered to make decisions. This keeps the entire team involved. It gives them ownership with the ability to contribute to the success of the maintenance goals." 18 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Berg and his team of 50 maintenance professionals use this blueprint to keep all of the equipment at the 338,138-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Apple Valley, MN, (a suburb of the Twin Cities) running smoothly and efficiently. They are also responsible for all of the machines at the nearby 285,000-sq.-ft. Lakeville Distribution Center. There currently are multiple billions of feet of Uponor-manufactured tubing in use worldwide, providing quality indoor climate, plumbing, and fire-safety solutions that elevate living comfort to a new level. This kind of mass production requires precise attention to critical maintenance objectives. For the past decade, Berg has used his Large coiling machines take the newly manufactured PEX tubing from the manufacturing area to the packaging area in anticipation of shipment to customers. Uponor's signature PEX piping can be lacquered in differentiating colors. For example, the red and blue can signify hot and cold. Photos by: Michelle Segrest 30 years of professional experience to drive the Uponor North America maintenance team with a simple philosophy. "You've heard the old saying, 'If it's not broken, don't fix it.' Well, I don't believe in that," Berg said. "I believe that if it's not broken you should go take a look at it anyway because you can probably find some improvement." This proactive approach works for North America's leading producer of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) plumbing, radiant heating/cooling, hydronic distribution, pre-insulated pipe, and fire sprinkler systems. It is part of the essential goal to sustainably keep equipment running to its full life expectancy and beyond. NOVEMBER 2015

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Tiered Empowerment Drives PEX Reliability
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Maintenance Technology November 2015