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RELIABILITY STRATEGIES Organizations that depend on cost cutting to deliver short-term profit, i.e., taking profits, face the risks of low reliability, including missed sales, unexpected downtime, and disappointed customers. Choose Reliability Or Cost Control The concepts of reliability and cost control cannot co-exist in the same organization. 24 | MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Jeff R. Dudley Solomon Associates IN A MEMORABLE 1858 SPEECH, Abraham Lincoln stated, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Incongruous as it may seem, that quote has a modern reference to reliability and the internal battle being waged in many forward-thinking organizations. Do we choose a reliability culture and long-term growth or do we attempt to generate short-term profits by adopting a culture of cost control? An organization can't choose both. The two concepts are in total opposition. Reliability is a topic of discussion in many industries today, and countless plants have created their own reliability strategies. Before implementing such a strategy, however, an organization must be clear about its definition of reliability and the level of reliability at which it believes it is operating. This gives the organization a foundation from which to measure its progress. Most organizations are, in fact, reliable to some degree or they wouldn't be in business. But many are not as reliable as they could be. Two factors play a role in this situation: One is the organization's definition of reliability and the other is the culture to which it subscribes. OCTOBER 2015

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