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FEATURED PRODUCT Transmitter Speeds Plant Alert Response Times The Quick Talk radio transmitter (RQT) is an industrial-grade product with sensor inputs and voice recording storage. Capable of accepting inputs from as many as four switches or sensors, it automatically sends pre-recorded message alerts to appropriate personnel when, based on specific sensor variance, changes in selected plant/equipment conditions are detected. According to the manufacturer, the RQT can also enhance plant-safety systems. When wired to a button or switch, users can summon assistance for specific situations such as "man down," "maintenance needed," "fire response required," or whatever conditions necessitate. Virtually any sensor or switch input can be accommodated, allowing the technology to monitor a wide range of devices and conditions, including emergency buttons, temperatures, liquid levels, motion-detectors, vibration, power-interruption, doors and windows, broken glass, and obstructions. Featuring a gasketed and sealed polycarbonate enclosure with built-in mounting flanges, the RTQ can operate as a stand-alone unit on six AA batteries or with external power using an optional 110-VAC adaptor. Available in 2-W and 120-mW models, the technology is compatible with most business-band two-way radios and can be used with UHF radio repeaters to provide added coverage. Each sensor can be set for different frequencies to further ensure that authorized personnel receive appropriate alerts. An optional, internal 433-MHz UHF receiver allows remote key-fob activation for emergency calls from 100 ft. away. Ritron Carmel, IN OCTOBER 2015 PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Process Data Collection, Visualization Software Collect+ software is said to make complicated process data easy to understand at a glance. Production scales and other equipment can be connected to a central data-collection system that stores the information in real-time for archiving and analysis. An integrated dashboard tool shows process trends over time, highlights deviations, and gauges performance in customizable views for specific production areas or employees. The software can also export the data to Microsoft Excel for integration into other reporting systems. Mettler Toledo Columbus, OH Atomizing Spray Nozzle An external-mix, no-drip atomizing spray nozzle blends liquid and air outside while the components permit independent adjustment of liquid and air flows. While it works much like the manufacturer's standard atomizing nozzles, when the compressed-air supply is shut off, this design positively seals off the flow of liquid and eliminates the possibility of drips. External nozzles can be used on liquids to 800 centipoise. Available in round, narrow-angle-flat-fan, and wide-angle-flat-fan patterns, these are appropriate for pressure-fed applications where precise liquid flow is needed or no post-spray drip is permissible. EXAIR Corp. Cincinnati MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM | 39 http://www.MAINTENANCETECHNOLOGY.COM

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