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department | tech horizons The company, as explained by
Toni-Louise Gianatti, has developed two
AI-driven solutions that help management
and workers learn more about ergonomics,
understand movement, and reduce injury
risk. The following information describes
wearables that result in data/analytics that
help advance training efforts.
" SoterCoach is an ergonomic training program
that combines an AI-driven wearable
device and a mobile app to improve individual
worker safety. Auditory and haptic
feedback alerts indicate when hazardous
movements are performed, increase proprioception
or body awareness, and reduce
the overall risk of injury. A companion app
shows progress and analytical data, as well
as short training modules.
SoterCoach also includes a central
dashboard with in-depth data analytics
for managers to assess risk areas and
implement improvements.
Key benefits of SoterCoach include:
decrease in ergonomic injuries in the
significant cost reduction as a result of
workplace injuries
real-time data collection and notifications
that engage employees in sustainable
behavior change
choice between a shoulder- and
back-injury-prevention program
lightweight, flexible device that can
be clipped to any uniform or workplace
personal equipment
an autonomous program that reduces
downtime with no need to connect to any
workplace WiFi network
an ergonomic safety solution that
encourages employees to take ownership of
their movement behaviors.
SoterTask is a cloud-based AI videoprocessing
solution that measures and
analyzes risks associated with tasks in the
workplace and helps implement controls to
keep workers safe. Video captured through
a mobile application is analyzed instantaneously,
showing movement risks inside
The future of
preventing and
reducing injuries
in the workplace is
data driven.
the app. Further data analysis is accessible
through an online dashboard with
detailed and visually appealing reports that
display hazard information to facilitate
risk assessments and comparisons, helping
to eliminate risk. New tools or ergonomic
techniques can then be introduced to assist
with the task and reduce the injury risk.
Key benefits of SoterTask include:
fast, efficient risk assessments that
capture and analyze tasks on the go
automatically synchronized AIprocessing
and data analysis providing
immediate results
the ability to show processed videos to
workers within minutes to engage them
through a simple and intuitive riskexplanation
flexibility to apply task assessments
anywhere-from workers to management,
one small task or a large ergonomic project
detailed risk assessment of tasks measuring
beyond what the eye can see.
For a more integrated approach to
workplace ergonomics, the team at Soter
Analytics recommends a combination of
the solutions. Incorporating SoterCoach
and SoterTask achieves a well-rounded,
integrated solution that provides insightful
data analytics, real behavioral change, and
sustainable solutions for injury reduction.
The technology facilitates an approach
to workplace safety that is more than just
reactive, forging a path for fully integrated
end-to-end ergonomic solutions. The
future of preventing and reducing injuries
in the workplace is data driven. Data is fast
becoming one of the most important corporate
assets, especially as it has the power
to generate predictive analytics. With
predictive safety modeling, it's possible to
anticipate potential safety hazards through
the interpretation of data. This is a powerful
lens that can turn a usually reactive
approach to workplace safety into a strong
proactive one. "
The Univ. of Tennessee Reliability and
Maintainability Center will be adding
Human Factors training as part of the
RMIC (Reliability and Maintainability
Implementation Certification) class offerings.
The Soter technology will be used in
select classes for education and training.
When implemented correctly, ergonomics/
human factors can improve safety, quality,
culture, and productivity, and reduce the
number of medical visits, absenteeism,
scrap, and operating costs. EP
Dr. Klaus M. Blache is director of the
Reliability & Maintainability Center at
the Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, and a
professor in the College of Engineering.
Contact him at
Toni-Louise Gianatti is Head of Public
Relations & Content at Soter Analytics,
London, UK (

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