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EDITOR'S notebook Look Up! T looking across the street and up at the tops of the buildings. It's up Upper Peninsula and, primarily, a bicycle trip I did with my there that you'll see what the architect created so many years ago when sister, following the old Route 66 from St. Louis to Dwight, IL. These the building was designed for its original purpose. In looking up, trips gave me an opportunity to do one of my favorite things when I'm you'll see some real beauty from the past, some of it renovated and in a small town and that is to look up. some of it in a condition that requires a bit of your imagination to his summer I've spent a lot of time in small towns as a result I thoroughly enjoy standing on the sidewalk of a small town and of an annual Fourth of July trip to Manistique, MI, on the We cheat ourselves when we are in small towns. Our eyes are al- fully appreciate. Regardless its condition, the architecture at the tops most always focused on where we're headed-a restaurant, unique of those old buildings is worth enjoying and photographing for the shop, or some other favorite hangout or place our host feels you "just inspiration files. CBP have to see." While we might see an occasional renovated storefront or entrance, most of the time our eyes ignore relatively modern metal and glass facades that have been attached to old buildings. What we miss is the architecture of the past that is above us. Gary L. Parr Editorial Director 1 2 3 4 1. This building in Manistique, MI, was originally built as a bar (a "soft-drink parlor" during Prohibition) and still is today. Except for the boarded up windows, it remains unchanged, according to an old photo in a Manistique history book. 2. Someone spent some serious money to renovate this building in Morris, IL. It's a standard small-town structure with a boutique and a children's-apparel store on the first floor and the beautiful architecture of a bygone era above. 3. The sun was setting on this beautifully renovated building in Bloomington, IL, so the colors are a bit on the intense side. I'm a big fan of the "portholes" above the windows. This is a prime example of why it pays to look up. 4. The history book doesn't help me with the top of this Manistique building, but I like the brickwork and the mixture of colors that result from attempts through the years to "freshen it up." JUL/AUG 2015 COMMERCI A L BUIL DING P RODUC T S 5

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