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PROJECT * $53,691 savings in annual energy costs * eliminating maintenance costs, providing an additional $9,251 in annual savings * saving 547,868 kWh/yr. The movement to intelligent LED lighting gave Das- lighting Want more information? The resources below are linked on our website at and our digital magazine at digital/novdec2015. sault the opportunity to lock in energy and maintenance Circle 10 on the Reader Service Card. savings, while also improving lighting output. The result is Download a LightRules specification sheet. a better environment for all facility users and new levels of efficiency and control that enable management to opti- Watch a LightRules video. mize lighting to support their goals of excellence across Download a spec sheet on Intelligent LED high-bay fixtures. operations. CA The first phase of the lighting project focused on replacing the existing fixtures in the high-bay warehouse space with intelligent LED fixtures. INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS The first phase of the lighting project focused on replacing the existing fixtures in the high-bay warehouse space with high-bay intelligent LED fixtures. These low-occupancy areas, with racked aisles for pick-and-pack functions, have facility personnel entering and exiting at only 30 to 40 sec. at a time. Therefore, when people are not in the aisles, the lights can dim during the day or turn off at night. After securing the economic and environmental ben- Peak Performance Intexure Architects wanted a studio that integrated work and living spaces. Metal panels met that need beautifully - using structural materials as finished surfaces, blurring the lines between work and life, comfort and practicality. Visit for more information. efits of the new system in high-bay spaces, Dassault needed a suitable lighting replacement for the low-bay areas of the facility, previously illuminated with T8 fluorescents and 175-W metal halides. Covering roughly 30% of the distribution center, the low-bay areas serve quality-assurance functions. In this area, employees require high light levels to read barcodes and take pictures of aircraft parts and components. When it was time to select a lighting solution, they chose Digital Lumens' LLEs (linear intelligent LED fixtures). The combination of these two intelligent fixtures provided the distribution center with a solution for facility-wide intelligence, giving the facility manager the ability to control all fixtures in all spaces-individually or grouped-through the LightRules platform, and track operational patterns and energy usage across the entire facility. "Having the ability to change the schedules and the light levels anywhere in the facility is very helpful," explained Mosca. "Also, being able to see the amount of electricity used and pull data to show exactly what these new lights are doing for us is incredible." Scan the QR code for detailed product information. SAVINGS JUSTIFIES FACILITY-WIDE CONTROL The project's outcomes more than exceeded the Dassault team's expectations in lighting performance and energy savings. Recognizing the value in controls and being able to adjust lighting settings to meet facility needs, the PROJECT: Intexure Architects Studio and Residence LOCATION: Houston, Texas ARCHITECT: Intexure Architects CONTRACTOR: Mealy Company Builders PANEL PROFILE: PBC (Galvalume Plus®) Copyright © 2015 MBCI. All rights reserved. PHONE: 877.713.6224 E-MAIL: INFO@MBCI.COM upgrade project delivered the following results: * 90% reduction in lighting energy usage annually CIRCLE 217 35

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