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PROJECT hvac Missoula's (MT) Community Cancer Care facility's floorplan minimizes patient travel, while the heating and cooling system works behind the scenes to keep patients comfortable. Photo: Mark Bryant Missoula Aquifer Cools Cancer Center Patient comfort assured by groundwater cooling system. T he new Community Cancer Care facility at the cubic mi. of water-roughly half the volume of the Great a pretty simple process to acquire the correct permit." Per- Community Medical Center in Missoula, MT, Lakes' Lake Michigan. ine designed the three wells that serve the facility. Al- benefits from a system that gives new meaning to comfortable, convenient healthcare. According to the Univ. of Montana, the aquifer flows at 3 to 4 ft./day; a rapid pace compared with most aqui- though the system only calls for 300 gpm, the wells have been tested at 500 gpm. "From the outset, the main design criterion of this fers, which move that distance over the span of a year. In "It's the most holistic approach to geothermal cool- project was patient comfort," said Dennis Greeno, partner Missoula, the water is consistently around 50 F. It's the ing," said Jared Swartz, office manager for Associated at OZ Architects, Boulder, CO, the firm that designed the ideal resource for groundwater-cooling applications. Construction Engineering Inc. (A.C.E.), Missoula, the facility. "From the floorplan that minimizes patient travel To make good use of the aquifer, the Oncology Center company that designed the mechanical, electrical, and inside, to the heating and cooling system at work behind uses a "pump-and-dump," groundwater-cooling system. fire-suppression systems at the Oncology Center. "No the scenes, the goal to provide comfort for patients was Water is drawn from the ground, pumped through a large compressor, no refrigerant, just a pump and a stain- woven into every aspect of the building." Input from staff plate-and-frame heat exchanger, and injected back into less-steel heat exchanger to handle the building's 1M and patients weighed heavily into the building's design. the aquifer. BTUH cooling load." The 30,000 sq.-ft., state-of-the-art cancer-treatment fa- "The Montana DNRC (Department of Natural Re- cility, also referred to as the Oncology Center, rests a mere sources and Conservation) handles well permitting here," TAPPING THE AQUIFER 40 ft. above the Missoula Aquifer. The massive under- said Adam Perine, senior hydrologist with NewFields, "The pump-and-dump cooling system isn't that unusual ground aquifer is all that remains of prehistoric glacial Helena, MT, a national environmental consulting firm. here in Missoula," said Cory Hanninen, project manager Lake Missoula, which at one point held as much as 600 "If water use is non-consumptive and under 350 gpm, it's at 4G Plumbing and Heating Inc., Missoula. "The system 16 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE JAN/FEB 2016

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Commercial Architecture January/February 2016