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PROJECT interiors Brick walls, high ceilings, concrete floors, and cavernous spaces made the conversion of an old industrial building into a brewpub an acoustical challenge. Reclaiming The Industrial Past Acoustic panels aid in the conversion of a large storage facility into a new brewpub. T he materials, workmanship, scale, and heritage with the building and was excited to hear that it would be The old, glazed white brick found throughout the of old industrial buildings from the late 1800s put back to work after 30 yr. as a storage facility for a repo structure and the dramatic high ceilings were part of its and early 1900s can't be duplicated. The na- company. As an experienced acoustical engineer for Pearl charm, but when they were combined with concrete ture of this building stock, found throughout the Unit- Pro Audio, Godfrey, IL, he also knew that the building's floors and ceilings, cavernous spaces, and persistent traffic ed States, makes it attractive for new development. The acoustics would be a significant challenge. noise from a busy nearby freeway, they created a serious buildings also come with challenges. The Old Bakery "Inexperienced owners and interior designers some- problem. It was difficult for two people standing in the Beer Co. brewery and pub in downtown Alton, IL, north times think they just need a really powerful sound sys- raw space to have a conversation. The design plan empha- across the river from St. Louis, is a recent example of the tem," said Lanier. "Pumping more sound into a space sized the heritage and features of the building. After test- advantages and at least one of the challenges commonly with reverberation issues just makes the problem worse. ing and site visits by representatives from Tectum Inc., presented by these buildings. Fixing the acoustics in the space is like creating the foun- Newark, OH, it was determined that a large amount of dation on which sound can be built." acoustical panels would be required to reduce the rever- As a longtime area resident, Don Lanier was familiar 26 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE JAN/FEB 2016

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Commercial Architecture January/February 2016