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PROJECT windows Dynamic Glass Transforms Elevated Oasis SageGlass makes a rooftop garden comfortable and usable. P D ropcap Text. Body Text- Indented. SUBHEAD Body Text- No Indent. Body Text- Indented. CA The Kimmel Center's vaulted glass ceiling showcases the Garden Terrace below. The use of electrochromic glass from Sage on the Garden roof made the terrace a usable and comfortable gathering space. erforming arts centers worldwide, ed on Philadelphia's historic Avenue of the ranging from playhouses to con- Arts, The Kimmel Center is home to cultur- cert venues, often feature unique al attractions including The Chamber Or- architectural elements, designed to create chestra of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania beautiful spaces that complement the cre- Ballet, and the Opera Philadelphia, and ative performances inside. These centers serves as a venue for visiting performers. are designed to provide audiences and vis- At The Kimmel Center's highest eleva- itors as well as musicians and actors with tion sits the Dorrance H. Hamilton Garden the best overall experience beginning with Terrace. Named for the American heiress to the moment they walk through the venue the Campbell Soup empire, the terrace of- doors. With this goal in mind, when creat- fers stunning views of the city and overlooks ing these spaces, architects must scrutinize the entire Kimmel Center complex. Howev- every aspect of a building's interior and ex- er, the space that was intended to serve as an terior design to ensure that lighting, acous- event space as well as a place for visitors to tics, and furnishings provide an optimal relax and take in Philadelphia's views was experience no matter what's on the perfor- actually uninhabitable. The barrel-vaulted mance schedule. roof created two problems that limited its In the case of a performance venue, the appeal. First, the space had significant so- design of a space is critical in order to en- lar-control challenges. The roof made the hance the experience of the attendee and to Terrace space too hot to occupy during the maximize venue usage. Clearly, in the de- day-with indoor temperatures often climb- sign of performing arts centers, every archi- ing to 100 F or more in the summer. Sec- tectural element counts, and each can make ondly, the roof deflected noise from events a world of difference. The same goes for the housed in the Terrace, interrupting other building materials used in these projects. guests below. These issues were cause for Everything from windows to acoustic mate- concern for the building owner. rials can transform the overall building aes- In order to combat these challenges, the thetic and the visitor experience. Addition- building owner turned to BLT Architects, ally, since many of these arts centers are Philadelphia, for a solution that would con- located in cities with iconic views, architects trol heat in the Garden Terrace and also pro- choose materials that allow visitors to enjoy vide noise control. The firm considered sev- performances and feel comfortable while eral options, but none provided the right maintaining a connection to the outdoors mix of capabilities. The architects initially and providing visitors with stellar views. created a design incorporating motorized The Kimmel Center for the Performing shades that would be pulled during the hot Arts in downtown Philadelphia is a unique times of day when the solar load would be center, consisting of a city-block-wide collec- extremely intense. However, motorized tion of performance halls and open spaces shades were too expensive and obstructed enclosed inside a soaring, 150-ft.-high bar- outdoor views. Shades would also ruin the rel-vaulted glass ceiling. With ground-up look and overall aesthetic of the Garden construction beginning in 1996 to provide a Terrace space. much-needed venue for some of Philadel- After considering multiple options, the phia's most prominent performing-arts architects decided that electrochromic glass companies and touring presentations, The was the best solution to combat the space's Kimmel Center offers breathtaking views of solar challenges. Specifically, they selected City Hall and the downtown skyline. Situat- SageGlass, from SAGE Electrochromics MAY 2016 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE 35

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VRF Holds Key To Detroit Renovation
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Retrofit Cuts Operation Costs by 85%
Power Monitor Tracks Non-Light Loads, Too
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