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building technology PROJECT Mermet's Koolblack technology maintains the visibility and glare-control benefits of a dark fabric while enhancing energy reflection comparable with light fabric. Photo: Hotel Beaumont Controlling The Sun Automated shading systems optimize building performance and prioritize occupant comfort. Colin Blackford, Mermet USA, and Brent Protzman, Ph.D., Lutron Electronics W ith the power to provide light, heat, allows shading to respond to unique and ever-chang- Mermet Corp., Cowpens, SC, are adding more nuance and energy, the sun plays an integral ing external conditions may hold answers to that ques- to the conversation. Koolblack technology maintains role in the design of interior spaces and tion. the visibility and glare-control benefits of a dark fabric impacts occupant comfort and productivity. However, Often, standard dark shade fabrics enhance view while enhancing energy reflection comparable with specifying shading systems to align occupant comfort preservation and glare control more than standard light fabric. In addition, Mermet's Chroma solar-shade and energy efficiency is often a challenge. Is it pos- light shade fabrics. Light fabrics, on the other hand, fabric uses an aluminum backing to dramatically in- sible to select a durable, functional shade fabric that reflect more solar heat and allow more daylight into a crease solar reflectance. meets aesthetic needs as well as building-performance space, thus reducing energy costs for interior lighting. The measured fabric properties of solar reflectance conditions? However, light or dark are no longer the only options. (Rs), solar absorption (As) and solar transmission (Ts) Advanced technologies such as Koolblack from allow the calculation of a shade's performance as part Advanced shading materials and automation that 40 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE MAY 2016

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The Architects
Regulations Shape Hospital Design
Architectural Glass Goes First Class
Healthcare Green Design
Interiors Products
Insulation Chills Cold-Storage Facility
Exteriors Products
Dynamic Glass Transforms Elevated Oasis
High-Speed Doors Add Zip To Service Center
Windows & Doors Products
Controlling The Sun
Building Technology Products
VRF Holds Key To Detroit Renovation
Tankless Units Heat Water For 17 Stories
HVAC & Plumbing Products
Retrofit Cuts Operation Costs by 85%
Power Monitor Tracks Non-Light Loads, Too
Lighting & Electrical Products

Commercial Architecture May 2016