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PROJECT geothermal The ranch house, occupied by three generations of the Bixby family from 1878 to 1961, was completely renovated as part of the Rancho Los Alamitos project. Photo: David Wakely Historic Renovation Includes Geothermal The two-phase renovation of Rancho Los Alamitos involved a geothermal heat-pump system to provide low-cost, sustainable cooling and eliminate noise. Jay Egg, Egg Geothermal R ancho Los Alamitos, in Long Beach, CA is a sig- ty within the scope of historical accuracy and functional- volved remodeling a barn to include 10,000 sq. ft. of new nificant national landmark with history dating ity was completed in the summer of 2012. construction for administrative offices, a learning center, to 500 A.D. To preserve the historic features of The $18-million renovation took place in two phases. the sight, the Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation (RLAF) The first phase involved restoration and upgrades to five engaged the services of architect Stephen J. Farneth, historic buildings to return them to their original design PHASE TWO FAIA, co-founder of the Architectural Resources Group and use. Then those buildings had to be moved across the A major component of the second phase was the HVAC in San Francisco. Farneth has been involved in histor- property to their original locations. The project also in- system that supports all of the public buildings. Seager was and an exhibit hall. ic-preservation projects for at least 30 years. determined to preserve the peaceful serenity Pamela Seager, RLAF's executive director of the 7 1/2 acres. She wanted no cooling tow- Rancho Los Alamitos Awards since 1986, said that she was responsible for giving Farneth the second project he ever worked on early in his career. Since then, he has made quite a name for himself, complet- ers and no outside fans. Also, the cooling and heating systems had to use renewable-energy technology. Farneth recommended geothermal heat- The Rancho Los Alamitos renovation project has earned at least three awards, all as a ing major restorations such as Los Angeles' result of publicity others did for the project: ing and cooling. A geothermal heat pump Union Station and the Stanford Univ. Mu- * * July 2014: Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award (GHP) system had all of the right features to February 2013: Long Beach Heritage Award for the Rancho Center (a blending of old and more than meet Seager's requirements: new architecture using the 1947 horse barn, wrapped with new, compatible construction) * * * * * seum of Visual Arts. The Rancho Los Alamitos property has operated under the RLAF, which is a public/ private partnership with Long Beach, since * October 2012: American Institute of Architects Design Award for the overall barn area restoration and Rancho Center project. 1986. As part of this partnership, an impressive effort to restore and upgrade the proper26 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE JUL/AUG 2016 no cooling towers no outside equipment quiet (nothing outside to make noise) no water consumption highest efficiency

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Cigar Factory Embarks On A New Life
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Historic Renovation Includes Geothermal
Church Sings Praises Of Condensing Boilers
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Two Paws Up For Rubber Floors
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Lighting For The Future
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Commercial Architecture July/August 2016