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PRODUCTS exteriors EDITORS' CHOICE Reflective roofing systems Kemperol roofing: * Liquid-applied refl ective roofi ng systems * SRI of 110 and 108 * Class-A fi re rated Two liquid-applied reflective roofing systems exceed LEED solar reflectance requirements and have a Class A fire rating. Kemperol Reflect 2K FR with a Solar Reflectance Index of 110 is odor free, and Kemperol AC Speed FR has an SRI of 108 and is a fast-curing PMMA. The cold-liquid-applied fully reinforced membrane systems dry to a bright white. The systems are fully reinforced membranes that weather harsh conditions, fully adhere to substrates, and are self-flashing and self-terminating. Kemper System America Inc., West Seneca, NY Circle 69 Architectural stone Evolution full-bed masonry units are available in 3 5/8-in. high x 31 5/8-in. long and 7 5/8-in. high x 31 5/8-in. long at regular full-bed depth in four colors in a sandblasted finish. The company's Natural Process technology uses natural materials and color pigments and replicates how stone is created in the earth to provide natural aesthetics and durability. Arriscraft, Cambridge, Ontario Circle 70 Drainage, ventilation WaterWay rainscreen drainage and ventilation mats create space for moisture drainage and promote air circulation through convection. Made of polypropylene filaments bonded to a moisture-resistive filter fabric, the material is designed for stucco; EIFS; manufactured and natural stone; fiber cement; brick, lap, and cedar sidings; and other wall-cladding systems. Solar heating/snow melt ThermaPanel melts snow on exterior surfaces using low-temperature heat sources such as geothermal, waste, stored thermal energy, or high-efficiency conventional heat sources. Panels are installed under pavement. Heat-exchange fluid is pumped through the panels in turbulent flow channels to create even energy transfer. In warm months, the system collects thermal solar energy for heating swimming pools, domestic water, or industrial uses. The modular units install under sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, driveways, or roads. Rooftop pedestal-mounted panels can be used with 2x2-ft. pavers or stones. The surface-mounted version can be used with pavers, brick, flagstone, poured concrete, or asphalt surfaces. Panels are joined to form parallel rows with induction-welded PE-RT tubing eliminating the need for mechanical connections. Therma-Hexx Corp., Portsmouth, NH Circle 72 McNichols Co. Stuc-O-Flex International Inc., Redmond, WA Circle 71 Tampa, FL 800.237.3820 Circle 252 JUL/AUG 2016 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE 51

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Re-Imagining Detroit
Cigar Factory Embarks On A New Life
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Historic Renovation Includes Geothermal
Church Sings Praises Of Condensing Boilers
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Raising The Roof On Historical Bath House
Two Paws Up For Rubber Floors
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Library Blends Stone And Glass
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Lighting For The Future
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High-In-The-Sky Safety
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Commercial Architecture July/August 2016