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PROJECT lighting In use at Virginia Commonwealth Univ., TekDek luminaires from Kenall Manufacturing are designed specifically for parking structures and deliver excellent uniformity and vertical luminance for enhanced safety and security of garage patrons. Lighting For The Future To aid in achieving climate neutrality, a Virginia university commits to LEDs and lighting control. W hen considering how to best update the chased electricity (generated mostly by coal and nuclear facturing, Kenosha, WI. Further reinforcing VCU's pur- lighting in Virginia Commonwealth power) accounts for half of the school's greenhouse gas chase decision was Kenall's 10-yr. limited LED warranty Univ.'s (VCU) $17.3-million Jefferson (GHG) emissions. To accomplish this, VCU must cut en- that covers excessive lumen depreciation-as defined by Street parking deck in downtown Richmond, VA, VCU ergy consumption by 2%/yr. and seek alternative sources L70 luminaire lifetime-resulting from defects in work- staff and architects at Baskervill, an architecture, interior in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% in manship, materials, LED lamps, and internal power-reg- design, and engineering firm in Richmond, agreed the 2025. Prior to signing ACUPCC, the university was al- ulation components. first priority was a high level of uniformity to ensure the ready subject to Virginia's Executive Order 48, signed in With additional assistance from Richmond-based safety and security of garage patrons and their property. 2007, which required all state agencies to reduce energy agency Lighting Virginia and Baskervill, VCU reduced costs by 25% by 2012. VCU achieved 100% of its goal on the number of fixtures installed from 446 to 273. The old time, while realizing a cost savings of $1.6 million. 175-W metal halide and induction lamps, 10% of which They also knew that energy reduction in the 689-space garage was a critical goal because of commitments made after the garage was built in 2008. In 2010, VCU signed "Baskervill was the original architect when the parking had already been re-lamped with LED bulbs, were re- the American College & University Presidents' Climate garage was built. At that time, the emphasis was on placed with 49-W LED luminaires. TekDek is designed Commitment (ACUPCC). ACUPCC, now part of a larg- high-intensity, high-footcandle lighting, rather than ener- specifically for parking structures and delivers uniformity er group known as Second Nature, is an initiative founded gy efficiency. Our challenge was to upgrade the whole fa- and vertical luminance for enhanced safety and security in 2006 by twelve U.S. college and university presidents. cility to a modern LED system," said Jay L. Woodburn, of garage patrons. Those involved with the project espe- Their goal was to encourage learning institutions to not architect and principal at Baskervill. cially liked the fixture's optics, which are designed to re- only work toward achieving the scientific goal of climate duce disabling glare for drivers and pedestrians. "They neutrality, but to also educate and prepare students to de- NEW LOOK AT OLD LIGHTS really liked the fact that there were no hot spots and that velop new, sustainable solutions for energy-related proj- At the start of the project, VCU staff installed and care- you could stare right at the lights and not see the LEDs ects on campus. Since its inception, more than 650 col- fully evaluated LED luminaire samples from several because of the [specially designed tertiary] lens," said leges and universities have signed the commitment. manufacturers. They toured existing installations near Woodburn. As a signatory of ACUPCC, VCU has committed to Richmond, and all vendors submitted to a competi- In addition to the LED luminaires, VCU staff identi- be 100% carbon neutral by 2050. Reducing electricity us- tive-bid process before the university selected TekDek fied lighting controls as yet another way to conserve ener- age plays a major role in meeting this objective, since pur- TD17 luminaires, designed and made by Kenall Manu- gy. "Diligence is very important to Baskervill, so our engi- JUL/AUG 2016 COMMERCI A L A RCHI T EC T URE 53

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