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ADNOC and Reliance Industries
Limited Sign Agreement
to Explore Development of
Ethylene Dichloride Facility in
The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
(ADNOC) signed a Framework Agreement
with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)
to explore development of an ethylene
dichloride (EDC) facility in Ruwais. Under
the terms of the agreement, ADNOC and
RIL will evaluate the potential creation
of a facility that manufactures EDC
adjacent to ADNOC's integrated refining
and petrochemical site in Ruwais, Abu
Dhabi and strengthen the companies'
existing relationship supporting future
collaboration in petrochemicals. Source:
ADNOC, 12/10/2019.
Citeo, Total, Recycling
Technologies, Mars and
Nestlé Join Forces to Develop
Chemical Recycling of Plastics
in France...
As part of Citeo's call for projects to
promote eco-design and recycling
and recovery projects for plastic and
paper in France, leading international
energy company Total, plastic recycling
technology provider Recycling
Technologies, and global brands Nestlé
and Mars joined forces to develop an
innovative industrial chemical recycling
industry in France. The first-of-a-kind
consortium of world-leading players
from across the plastic packaging value
chain will examine the technical and
economic feasibility of recycling complex
plastic waste, such as small, flexible and
multilayered food-grade packaging. "This
ambitious project meets Citeo's goal
of finding end-to-end solutions for all
packaging. New recycling technologies,
such as chemical recycling, will take
performance to the next level and
accelerate the circular economy for postconsumer plastic waste, especially when
it is complex," commented Jean Hornain,
Chief Executive Officer of Citeo. "Our
initiative will be a key driver to deliver
short- and medium-term solutions."
Source: Total, 12/10/2019.

Global Downstream Processing Capital Expenditures Nears
$1.9 T...
Hydrocarbon Processing's Construction Boxscore Database is tracking more than 1,430
projects around the world, representing nearly $1.9 T in capital expenditures. The
following is a breakdown of active project market share by sector:
*	 Refining-36% (522 projects)
*	 Petrochemicals-35% (489 projects)
*	 Gas processing/LNG-29% (421 projects).
The Asia-Pacific
region accounts for
approximately 37%
of active projects
globally, followed
by the U.S. and
Middle East regions.
In total, the AsiaPacific, Middle East
and U.S. regions
represent nearly 70%
of active projects
globally. In 2020,
the hydrocarbon
Total active projects by region and sector, October 2019.
processing industry's
capital, maintenance and operating budgets are expected to reach nearly $440 B. Asia
continues to invest heavily in all areas of the downstream sector. This buildout includes
additional capacity to satisfy demand for transportation fuels, petrochemicals and
natural gas. With the continued increase in shale gas production, the petrochemical and
gas processing/LNG industries in the U.S. continues to witness capital-intensive capacity
builds in midstream and downstream projects, such as ethylene and ethylene derivative
units, methanol and ammonia/urea plants, gas processing and natural gas pipeline
infrastructure and LNG liquefaction trains/export facilities. The Middle East is investing
heavily in boosting its downstream products portfolio-low-sulfur and ultra-low-sulfur
(ULS) transportation fuels and high-valued petrochemical products-and significantly
increasing gas processing capacity and natural gas logistics infrastructure. Source:
Hydrocarbon Processing, 12/5/2019.
Haldor Topsoe and Sasol Unite to Offer Customers Single-Point
Licenses for Proven Gas-to-Liquids Solutions...
Topsoe and Sasol announced that they have entered into a collaboration agreement
to jointly license their GTL technologies. For many years, the two companies have
worked together on numerous GTL projects and technologies, and Topsoe's SynCOR™
technologies and Sasol's Fischer-Tropsch technologies have been licensed into
several world-scale GTL ventures.Under the collaboration agreement, the companies
will continue to offer these core technologies and will now also provide Topsoe's
hydroprocessing and hydrogen technologies. This gives potential customers access
to a single-point licensing offering that covers the entire value chain from gas feed
to liquid fuels. As single-point licensors, Sasol and Topsoe will offer customers all
necessary technology licenses for a complete GTL solution and in addition provide
basic engineering, catalysts, and hardware. TechnipFMC has been pre-approved to
provide licensor engineering support and carry out front-end engineering design,
detailed design, procurement, and construction. Source: Haldor Topsoe, 12/2/2019.

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