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TechnipFMC and Clariant Enter
Joint Development Agreement
for State-of-the-Art Production
of Acrylonitrile...
TechnipFMC and Clariant Catalysts
announced that they have entered into
a joint development agreement for the
demonstration and commercialization of
Clariant's new state-of-the-art AcryloMax®
propylene ammoxidation catalyst for
the production of acrylonitrile. This new
collaboration will bring together Technip
Energies' well-established expertise
in fluid bed technologies and process
development with Clariant's longstanding
experience and knowledge in the
development, manufacturing and supply
of catalysts for the petrochemical industry.
AcryloMax® supports the profitable
and efficient production of acrylonitrile,
which is an important intermediate in
the value chain of plastics and synthetic
fibers for the automotive and textile
industries. The agreement is an example
of Clariant's and TechnipFMC's efforts
to develop and commercialize more
efficient process technologies and to help
customers achieve sustainability targets.
Technip Energies' Research Center in
Weymouth, Massachusetts, will soon be
commissioning a large demonstration
reactor to test the technology. Source:
TechnipFMC, 6/17/2020.
Clariant Introduces New
Phthalate-Free Polymax® 600
Series Performance Catalysts
for Polypropylene...
Clariant is launching its next-generation
phthalate-free olefin polymerization
catalysts, expanding its portfolio to
include a new offering to meet the
most demanding customer toxicity
requirements. Developed in partnership
with McDermott's Lummus Novolen®
Technology, the new PolyMax 600 Series
catalysts answer the market's increasing
need for safer polypropylene solutions.
Stefan Heuser, Senior Vice President &
General Manager at Clariant Catalysts,
commented, "We have successfully
developed a phthalate-free solution that
adds significant value to our customers'

businesses. The innovative technology, which allows customers to achieve higher
productivity rates and reduced process fluctuations, is delivering excellent results
- with one major polypropylene producer now estimating economic benefits to
exceed US$8 million annually." The improved performance is due to a new proprietary
technology that increases catalyst activity up to 25% compared to phthalate-based
catalysts. This new technology results in not only higher plant productivity, but also
superior polymer properties, such as increased impact strength for better durability.
Source: Clariant, 6/17/2020.
Sonatrach Plans $6-Billion Petchems Complex at Skikda, Another
$6 Billion for Methanol, Derivatives...
Toufik Hakkar, CEO of Algeria's energy major Sonatrach, has provided an update on
the company's growth projects against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Among priority petrochemical projects, Hakkar singled out the grassroots Hassi
Messaoud, Algeria, refinery with a capacity of 5 million metric tons/year, an agreement
for which was signed in early 2020. Tecnicas Reunidas and Samsung Engineering
signed a joint contract to build the refinery. Hakkar says that technical studies for
the project are under way and work is scheduled to start in early 2021. Similar
refineries are being proposed for Tiaret and Skikda, Algeria, he says. Sonatrach is also
planning petrochemical projects to transform Algeria's hydrocarbon resources into
plastics. These include previously announced propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and
polypropylene (PP) plants planned jointly with Total at Arzew, Algeria, and a similar
joint venture with Rönesans Endüstri at Ceyhan, Turkey. Hakkar reveals that there are
other projects under study, including a $6-billion investment to transform oil and gas
into polymers at Skikda. This project is in the consultation stage with a foreign partner.
Another $6-billion methanol and derivatives project is under study with another
partner, he says. Sonatrach, meanwhile, is in talks with Algeria's ministry of industry on
a phosphate project. Source: Chemical Week, 6/16/2020.
Dow Introduces Post-Consumer Recycled Resins to Address
Growing Brand Owner Demand for More Recycled Plastics...
Dow, Inc. announced it is developing a new family of post-consumer recycled (PCR)
resins to ultimately be offered throughout the globe. The recycled plastic resins are
designed to harness the resources of used flexible and rigid plastic packaging to create
new packaging materials while keeping waste out of the environment. Dow's new
PCR resins, already offered in Asia and Europe, provide brands and consumers with
performance comparable to packaging made with virgin resins while reducing carbon
and energy footprints of by 20-30 percent depending on the offering and application.
It will also giving a new end-of-life use to plastics that otherwise would have become
waste. Source: Dow, 6/17/2020.
Sinopec Pushes 1 M Tonne/Year Ethylene and Refined Oil
Expansion Project in Hainan...
Sinopec is pushing an expansion project that can produce up to 1 million tonnes
of ethylene and refined oil annually in Hainan Free Trade Zone, located in South
China. It is estimated that this project will fuel growth of downstream industries
with more than 100 billion RMB (14.1 billion US dollars) and become a new engine
for regional economic development. On the basis of the original project, ten sets of
equipment for chemical production, three sets of equipment for oil refining as well as
supporting facilities will be built. The project will also support Hainan in accelerating
the development of leading industries including energy storage and petrochemical
production, and effectively expand the scale of import and export. Source: Sinopec,

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