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Chennai Petroleum and Indian
Oil Plan $3.8 Billion Refinery
Including PP Plant...
Chennai Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (CPCL;
Chennai, India) plans to build a 9-million
metric tons/year (MMt/y) refinery
complex in a joint venture (JV) with its
parent company Indian Oil (Mumbai) at
Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu State, India.
CPCL and Indian Oil will own a 25% stake
each in the JV and the remaining 50%
would be held by corporate, financial, or
public investors. CPCL will invest about
Rs25 billion (about $330 million) in the
project. According to media reports, the
project also includes a polypropylene (PP)
unit. The planned refinery would include
a 43,000-b/d coker and fluid catalytic
cracking (FCC) units with combined
capacity for 48,000 b/d, says Premasish
Das, executive director/energy at IHS
Markit. Das says that India requires
additional refining capacity to meet
domestic demand as well as demand
from export markets. CPCL's announced
investment in the project is less than its
25% share in the overall cost, but the
company can raise capital to fill the gap,
adds Das. According to Das, the project
at Nagapattinam will not be online
before 2027-28. Source: Chemical Week,
Indorama Acquires PETRecycling Facility in Brazil...
Indorama Ventures Ltd. (IVL; Bangkok,
Thailand) announced that it has, through
its indirect subsidiary Indorama Ventures
Polimeros S.A., acquired a 100% equity
stake in AG Resinas Ltda., a limitedliability company incorporated in Brazil.
IVL completed the transaction on June 8,
2020. AG Resinas operates a polyethylene
terephthalate (PET) recycling facility in
Juiz de Fora, Brazil, which processes postconsumer PET into recycled polyethylene
terephthalate (rPET) flakes and pellets
with a combined capacity of approximately
9,000 metric tons per year (m.t./yr)
Source: Chemical Engineering, 6/9/2020.

Indonesia's Pertamina and Taiwan's CPC to Sign Initial
Petrochemical Plant Agreement...
Indonesia's PT Pertamina and Taiwan's CPC Corp will sign a head of agreement to build
a petrochemical plant at the Balongan refinery located on the north coast of Java, a
Pertamina official said. Indonesia announced 89 priority projects worth $97 billion to
be rolled out over four years. Among them is Pertamina's plan to upgrade its Balongan
refinery and transform it into a $12 billion petrochemical complex together with
Taiwan's CPC. The petrochemical plant is part of an upgrade to the Balongan refinery,
which will see an increase in capacity from 125,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 150,000
bpd when it completes its first phase in 2022. Pertamina is also working with Abu
Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) on the project. ADNOC is currently working on a
feasibility study which is expected to be concluded in August, . In January, ADNOC and
Pertamina signed a memorandum of understanding to also explore the development of
the Balongan petrochemicals complex. Source: Reuters, 6/5/2020.
New Gas Treating Technology Aimed at Helping Customers
Lower Sulfur and Overall CO2 Emissions...
BASF SE and ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC have released a new highly energy
efficient amine gas treatment technology named OASE® sulfexx™. The technology is
based on a new proprietary amine-based solvent that selectively removes hydrogen
sulfide (H2S), while minimizing the co-absorption of carbon dioxide from gas streams.
The companies jointly developed the amine-based solvent to help petroleum refiners
and gas processors meet future requirements, while also increasing capacity and
lowering operating costs on existing equipment. For new facilities, the use of this
technology will reduce the size of the equipment and the initial capital investment
compared to conventional amine gas treatment units. Multiple pilot plant tests at
ExxonMobil and BASF facilities have demonstrated the superior selective properties of
this solvent compared to methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) formulations and FLEXSORB™
SE and SE Plus solvents. A commercial demonstration concluded at a tail gas treating
unit located in North America further confirms the results. OASE sulfexx will help to
debottleneck existing Claus tail gas treating, acid gas enrichment, and high-pressure
acid gas removal units. In Claus tail gas treating units, the technology can achieve
less than 10 ppmv H2S specifications while rejecting CO2 to meet future emission
requirements. Source: Hydrocarbon Processing, 6/9/2020.
Sumitomo Chemical to Cut Petchem Investment...
Sumitomo Chemical aims, in its three-year plan, to invest approximately 10% of the
company's total investment of ¥850bn ($7.9bn) during April 2019-March 2022 in
petrochemicals and plastics. This is down from the original plan to invest some 20%
of ¥700bn over the same period. The company will postpone some of its unspecified
investments planned during the period, to the next three-fiscal years starting in
April 2022. The company foresees that Covid-19 will continue to cut demand for
its products including plastics for auto parts. Sumitomo Chemical owns production
capacity of 3.1mn t/yr of ethylene and 403,000t/yr of methyl methacrylate (MMA)
monomer. Its polymer production capacity includes 1.7mn t/yr of polyethylene, 1.7mn
t/yr of polypropylene and 3.3mn t/yr of polyolefin. The company also manufactures
propylene but did not disclose production capacity. Japan produced 6.3mn t of ethylene
during April 2019-March 2020, up by 1.4% over the year. It also increased propylene
production by 3.1% in a year to 5.4mn t, showed data from the ministry of economy,
trade and industry. The country's MMA monomer production edged lower by 0.5% over
the period to 4.2mn t, according to the data released by Japan Petrochemical Industry
Association. Source: Argus Media, 6/1/2020.

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