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SK Global Chemical Completes
Buy Out of Functional
Polyolefin Biz from Arkema...
South Korea's SK Global Chemical Co.
has completed acquisition of functional
polyolefin business from French chemical
firm Arkema S.A., gaining traction for
its growth vision through high valueadded products. The completion of
the acquisition comes after the Korean
chemical company announced in
October last year that it was buying
the functional polyolefin business from
Arkema at 335 million euros ($375.9
million). The functionalized polyolefins are
thermoplastic materials used in various
applications ranging from packaging
films to impact modifiers for engineering
plastics in automobiles and electronics.
With the acquisition, SK Global Chemical
now owns four products - ethylene acrylic
copolymer, EA Terpolymer, ethylene vinyl
acetate copolymer and maleic anhydride
grafted (MAH-g) polymer - along with

related production technology, trademarks and human resources, plus three production
plants in France. While the global packaging market is estimated to grow by over 6%
every year, the plastic polymer market where the Korean chemical company's newly
acquired business belongs is projected to reach $35 billion next year from $27 billion in
2016, according to SK Global Chemical. Source: Pulse News, 6/4/2020.
Egypt - Petroleum Ministry Debuts 11 Petrochemical Projects
Worth $19bn...
The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is currently studying and
implementing 11 new petrochemicals production projects, worth a total investment
cost estimated at about $19bn. In statements by Minister of Petroleum and Mineral
Resources, Tarek El Molla, he added that these include two giant refining and
petrochemical complexes located in the Suez Canal Economic Zone and New Alamein
City. He noted that updates to the petrochemical industry's national plan have been
completed, alongside the setting of its new development strategy during the period
between 2020 and 2035. El Molla emphasized the ministry has created an ambitious
programme to expand Egypt's petrochemical industries with a special focus on
projects that achieve the highest added value from natural resources. El Molla noted
that the ministry's strategy is looking for a continued increase in the added value of
petrochemical projects in Egypt. They are also looking to supply the local market needs
of intermediate and final petrochemical products, which are major production inputs
for many industries. This is in addition to the ministry looking to cut the amount of
imported goods, whilst opening up new opportunities for exports from Egypt.  Source:
MENAFN, 5/30/2020.

JUST ANNOUNCED FROM TCGR! Two New Select-Client Studies

COVID-19: Impacts on Business Models and
Growth Strategies of Catalyst Producers and
Integrated Process Licensors...
Due to all of the potential impacts and deep uncertainty from
COVID-19 on the leading (Top 10 and next tier) global catalyst
producers and integrated process technology licensors, it is
important that the competitive landscape be immediately assessed
so that implications can be highlighted and opportunities/threats
quantified. In addition, catalyst end users can consider integration
into providers (e.g., in order to ensure security of supply) and
venture capital and other financial institutions can re-assess
investment returns. In this proposed "select-client" study, to be
completed in a "quick turnaround" period of 6-8 weeks from launch,
TCGR will delineate the implications of COVID-19 with the objective
of quantifying the impacts on business models and growth strategies
for the 2020-2022 period (with a focus on Q2-Q4 of 2020).
For more information visit
multiclient_studies/covid-19-impacts/ or contact John J. Murphy at
+1.215.628.4447 or


COVID-19 Impacts on Organic Chemicals
Supply & Demand...
In the chemical industry, companies are facing uncharted supply
& demand challenges over the next three quarters and into 2021
as they adjust to the effects of COVID-19. In the coming months,
having the right information and industry perspectives, at the right
time, will prove to be critical. In order to help you navigate these
challenging months, TCGR is completing a new Select Client
Study that will take a fast assessment of the current and short-term
impacts over 2020-2022 in high volume organic chemicals. For
this study, we will closely examine various drivers and interview
key stakeholders to determine the likelihood for different supply/
demand scenarios. For each value chain, TCGR will examine the
impacts that COVID-19 is having on end-use products, detailing
the likelihood of various supply/demand scenarios that can lead
to either a low, medium, or fast recovery for 25-30 different large
volume commodity chemicals.
Additional information, including the complete study proposal, the
preliminary Table of Contents and the Order Form, is available
at: or by contacting Chris Dziedziak at +1.215.628.4447 or

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