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Highlighted below are some autonomous technologies and
tools trialed in vineyards.
The Monarch electric autonomous/driver optional tractor
has been demonstrated in California vineyards since 2020.
The Livermore, CA-based company began building a " Pilot
Series " of 15 tractors in 2021 and delivered its first tractor
to nearby Wente Vineyards in April 2021, that has been
assisting with vineyard trials. The company plans to produce
a higher run " Production Series " in 2022.
The Monarch is designed to provide environmental, labor
and cost savings benefits. The battery-powered electric
tractor eliminates diesel use and emissions to reduce a farm's
carbon footprint. The tractor can operate autonomously
24/7 to save on labor costs and overtime, and it provides
reliability while improving driver safety with less time in the
field. Standard implements can be attached to the tractor for
operations such as mowing, disking, and spraying.
The tractor is outfitted with 12 cameras to collect and input
visual data from 360 degrees to program for autonomous
operation. The tractor is first manually driven through the
vineyard to collect route and location data that is then
processed to enable the tractor to operate autonomously
over the same route to perform specific functions on
future passes. The cameras, and additional sensors, can
autonomously collect data to monitor vine growth, pest and
disease pressure, record missing vines and gather other
desired information. The data system can collect and analyze
over 240 GB of crop data daily, make real-time implement
adjustments and use machine learning to analyze data and
field health.
The tractor can operate on a full battery charge up to about
12 hours, when operating alone for scouting/data collection.
Depending on terrain and power needed to operate
attached tools, it can operate 4 to 10 hours before requiring
battery recharge or changeout. Battery recharge time with
a Monarch charger is 4 to 5 hours. The tractor provides a
remote alert when the charge is low, and it can return to
the charging unit on its own. The company has been taking
$500 deposits from growers to be placed in line for delivery
when units become available. More information at www.
Blue White Robotics was founded in 2017 in Tel Aviv,
Israel. The company has developed technology in the form
of an add-on kit to convert any existing tractor to a fully
autonomous self-driving tractor. According to the company
website, the technology uses multiple sensors, ultra-high
precision navigation and robust artificial intelligence (AI)
models to provide real-time situational awareness with no
operational downtime. The company has conducted trials
with California growers on John Deere tractors and other
models. More information at
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The Global Unmanned Spray System (GUSS) for vineyards
and orchards is an autonomous spray unit being produced
and marketed by GUSS Automation, LLC in Kingsburg, CA.
The company delivered its first units to customers in 2019.
Intended benefits of the technology are to eliminate operator
error and downtime, reduce labor, reduce worker exposure

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