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Revisions to COVID Workplace Standards
On April 6, California's Occupational Safety and Health
Standards Board released its proposed revisions to the
Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). The Board will take
up the revisions on April 21 at its in-person meeting in
Oakland. If approved, the new ETS will take effect as early
as May 2 and stay in effect through the end of the year.
CAWG staff are reviewing the proposed revisions, but it
appears most revisions to the ETS are relatively minor. For
example, the term " high-risk exposure period " has been
replaced with " infectious period. " However, one substantive
change is cause for concern: the revised ETS appears to
provide those employees who are otherwise required to
submit a negative test result during a COVID outbreak (3 cases
or more), may choose instead to take paid time off for a period
of-time from the date the employee refuses to take the test
until 10 days after exposure.
A notable improvement is the elimination of all
requirements to clean and disinfect surface areas in the
workplace or employer provided housing.
It appears the Board is prepared to reject a proposal to
protect the workplace from COVID through the Injury and
Illness Prevention Program instead of the ETS. This means
that in December, the Board will likely take up a new and
permanent COVID regulation.
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