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CAWG Awards of Excellence Reception | April 26
The California Association of Winegrape Growers
(CAWG) Awards of Excellence Program is meant
to spotlight exceptional individuals, companies, or
families who have benefitted the broader community
of winegrape growers through exemplary leadership
and outstanding commitment to the well-being of the
winegrowing industry, California communities, and the
CAWG is excited to recognize Bogle Vineyards as its
2022 Grower of the Year and Dr. Anita Oberholster as the
2022 Leader the Year.
A reception will be hosted in their honor on Tuesday,
April 26, 2022, at the Sutter Club, located in downtown
Sacramento. We invite all industry and friends to join us
in celebrating Bogle Vineyards and Dr. Anita Oberholster.
Celebrate our industry leaders!
Tuesday, April 26, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00pm
The Sutter Club
1220 9th Street, Sacramento
2022 Leader of the Year
Dr. Anita Oberholster
CDFA Awards $5 Million for Water Efficiency Technical Assistance Program
CDFA's Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation has selected 11 organizations to receive $5 million in funding
through a new competitive grant program, the Water Efficiency Technical Assistance (WETA) program. WETA was
developed in response to the Budget Act of 2021, which allocated funding to support technical assistance for water
efficiency and nutrient management for California farmers and ranchers.
Supported activities include providing on-farm pump and irrigation system evaluations
and recommendations, providing pump efficiency testing, and delivering
training in irrigation efficiency and nutrient management.
» View WETA awarded projects
2022 Grower of the Year
Bogle Vineyards
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