The Crush August 2022 - 1

Volume 49 | Issue 8 | August 2022
Harvest Preparation for 2022
Article by Ted Rieger
During a CAWG webinar in July, a senior director
of California logistics for Modesto-based G3
Enterprises listed current challenges regarding
trucking and supply chain issues, and presented
G3's planning efforts to prepare for the 2022
harvest. Globally, the supply chain in general has
major flaws and issues across all segments. Global
issues include fuel costs, inflation, COVID, the
Russia/Ukraine War, and international shipping
delays and container shortages. Diesel retail prices
hit an all-time high of $7.00/gallon in California in
June, but fuel prices have since dropped slightly
and could be lower by Fall.
In California, the trucking industry is also dealing
with requirements of 2020 legislation (AB 5)
that could impact truck driver availability of
contractor and independent owner/operator
truckers this harvest. Although previous legal
action by the California Trucking Association
delayed implementation of the law until recently,
the Supreme Court denied a petition by CTA to
review the case on June 30th. A letter sent to
Governor Newsom signed by 73 trade associations,
including CAWG, requested a short-term pause in
enforcement by issuing an Executive Order. Should
AB 5 be enacted as written, it is expected that
some owner/operators will likely leave the industry
or work outside of California, if they do not want to
become employees of trucking carrier companies.
As the law stands now, there are primarily two ways
to comply: contracting with an owner/operator
driver if you are not in the trucking business
yourself or hiring a driver as an employee.
G3 works with numerous carrier partners and
has set the expectation that all
carriers will be compliant with
current regulations by harvest. In
addition, the ongoing national
trucker shortage will continue for
the foreseeable future as older truckers retire and
are not replaced due to inadequate interest in the
profession by younger workers.
G3 is constantly working to improve and increase
efficiency by expanding operations and increasing
the use of technology to improve communications
and logistics. G3 Ag Hauling manages one of the
largest ag trailer fleets in CA and has operations
Photo Provided by G3 Enterprises
from five local California hubs in the North Coast,
Central Coast, Lodi, Livingston and Fresno. G3 is
taking steps to prepare for the 2022 harvest and
beyond by:
* Becoming a year-round hauler by hauling
additional commodities like almonds, walnuts,
onions, and olives to be able to provide
continuous work for carriers so they can keep
drivers employed.
* Securing a stable company workforce, initiating
training programs and the addition of people
to the G3 Hauling Team management.

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