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production of varietal cabernet franc under the Eliza's
label. Erickson said, " Cabernet franc is a variety that
requires a lot of cooperation and work in the vineyard.
The winemaker has to be out there in the vineyard on
a regular basis. This has to be a shared vision and a
year-round relationship with the vineyard manager. " He
added, " You need to give the people working the vines
the tools and knowledge to execute and achieve the
vision. "
After working with To Kalon fruit, Erickson said, " For me,
it was important to shift to organic production on this
vineyard, which is not necessarily a lot more work, it's
more a shift in thinking. " He observed, " Now it's certified
organic, and that's an achievement for a vineyard of this
size and a big company like Constellation. "
Thank you to all the CAWG PAC sponsors who helped
host a sold-out, rockin' event at The Torch Club
fundraiser on January 25!
It was a great night, and everyone enjoyed the live
music by CAWG's Director of Government Relations,
Michael Miller, and his band, Remedy 7. Special
thanks to CAWG directors Bill Berryhill and Jeff Wiens
for their musical contributions! With the
help of CAWG PAC Sponsors, more
than $15,000 was raised to support
the PAC.
Thank You
To all of the CAWG members who participated, supported,
organized, and presented at the Unified Wine and
Grape Symposium.
Attendees are strongly encouraged to take the brief
online surveys for the sessions. Your responses are
important for future planning.
Jan. 23-25, 2024
SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
CAWG PAC Sponsors include:
Allied Grape Growers, AMOS
Power, Beckstoffer Vineyards
Farming Services, Bluewhite,
G3, Grow West, LangeTwins,
Inc., Monarch Tractor,
Pellenc US, Sabanto Ag,
Slater Farms Inc., Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC,
Valley Farm Management, Vineyard Professional
Services, Inc, and Wiens Family Cellars. | Page 7

The Crush February 2023

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