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Grand Village 2020 vintage ($25-30/bottle) to taste.
He discussed differences between merlot flavors in
California wines (more jammy) and Bordeaux wines
(more earthy). He said merlot can be difficult and finicky
to work with. Grapes can come in over- or under-ripe
and the wine can become overoaked. The vineyard is in
limestone, rocky soils, farmed since 1650, and is family
owned and run. " We seek to find balance in our farming
methods and respect the site. We are farmers, then
winemakers, " Ram said.
Sideways author Rex Pickett, who wrote the original
novel adapted for the film, admitted, " I drink merlot, and
I don't have a problem with merlot. " Pickett said, " I did
not think Miles' line about merlot would have any effect.
When I wrote it, I didn't even know if the book would be
published, let alone made into a movie. " He believes
the book and movie may have had a bigger impact on
getting people to go wine tasting and on wine tourism.
" Not as many people outside of Napa and Northern
California went to winery tasting rooms until the movie
came out. Now wine tasting is very big in the Central
Coast and other wine regions, " he observed.
In 1995, 500 attendees and 20 tabletop exhibitors
gathered in a single hotel ballroom for the very first
Unified Symposium -- fast forward 30 years, and 10,000
attendees and 900 exhibitors from around the world
flooded into downtown Sacramento.
Organized by the industry, for the industry, the Unified
Wine and Grape Symposium is the largest show of its
kind. Explore the rich history of the show and its pivotal
role in the wine and winegrape industries in this video.
Photo Credit: American Vineyard Magazine
CAWG recognized and celebrated its 2024 Grower of
the Year, Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, and its 2024
Leader of the Year, CDFA Secretary Karen Ross during
the Awards of Excellence Reception in January. With
these awards, CAWG seeks to recognize excellence
in winegrape growing and exceptional leadership that
has benefitted the entire grower community.
The Sangiacomo family has a rich history in the
Sonoma Valley that spans more than five decades.
As third-generation farmers, Steve, Mike, and Mia
have successfully taken over the family grape growing
A true advocate for agriculture, Secretary Ross served
as the first woman President of CAWG for 13 years
before serving as chief of staff for US Agriculture
Secretary Tom Vilsack. In 2011, Secretary Ross was
appointed by as California's Secretary of Agriculture.
Secretary Ross' leadership in agricultural matters
at the state, national, and international levels is
Thank you to all who attended CAWG's Awards of
Excellence Reception. Special thank you to the event
sponsors, Relation Insurance, NAU Country, G3, and
American Vineyard Magazine. CAWG would also
like to thank Senator Bill Dodd for recognizing our
industry pioneers and leaders.
Congratulations again to our award recipients, and
thank you for your meaningful impact on the CA
winegrape industry.
Learn more about CAWG's 2024 Awards of
Excellence Recipients. | Page 5

The Crush Jan/Feb 2024

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