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Assemblymember Dawn Addis, (D-Morro Bay) introduced
AB 1861 to extend a vital program within the California
Department of Food and Agriculture that protects
California's picturesque vineyards and our iconic wine
industry from deadly disease. This legislation is sponsored
by the California Association of Winegrape Growers and
Wine Institute.
" The wine industry is integral to the economic success of
the Central Coast and all of California, " said Addis. " I'm
proud to author AB 1861 that extends a crucial line of
defense for our wine industry against invasive disease. We
have a track record of collaboration among State, local,
federal government and the industry itself when it comes
to battling Pierce's Disease and the Glassy Winged Sharp
Shooter. I'm proud to extend this collaboration and to be
part of the on-going success of California's wine regions. "
" Over the last 23 years, the Pierce's Disease Control
Program has been fundamental in addressing the
challenges posed by Pierce's Disease and other pests
and diseases, " said Natalie Collins, President of the
California Association of Winegrape Growers. " We thank
Assemblymember Addis for her leadership in authoring
this important legislation. "
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AB 1861 will extend the Pierce's Disease Control Program
(program) and the PD/GWSS Board from 2026 to 2031.
This extension is subject to approval of growers through
a referendum that would be conducted in 2025. The last
PD/GWSS referendum, conducted in 2020, passed with 78
percent approval of California winegrape growers.
The program has demonstrated success in controlling the
spread of PD and GWSS due to the collaborative efforts
involving federal, state, and local agencies, along with
grower-funded research. The program is funded through
a combination of federal and industry funds, as well as
grape grower assessments. These assessment funds are
used for research, outreach, and related activities on
PD, GWSS, and other designated pests and diseases of
The research overseen by the PD/GWSS Board is critical
to advancing knowledge, improving practices, and
guaranteeing the longevity of the California winegrape
industry. The focus of current research projects ranges
from investigating pests and diseases to evaluating
existing control methods to exploring new promising
control strategies.

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