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Volume 49 Issue 1 January 2022
Pierce's Disease Update
By Ted Rieger
The industry-funded California Department of Food and
Agriculture (CDFA) Pierce's Disease /Glassy-winged
Sharpshooter (PD/GWSS) Board has allocated more than $50
million for research since 2001. CDFA held (virtually) the latest
PD Research Symposium Dec. 14-15, 2021 to present updates on
current research, available tools and promising future tools for
the control and management of PD in grapevines caused by the
bacterium Xylella fastidiosa (Xf), and the management of GWSS,
the major insect vector of Xf.
Five PD-resistant cultivars (three red and two white winegrape
varieties) bred through traditional methods have been publicly
available in limited quantities for nearly two years since being
released by UC Davis (UCD) Foundation Plant Services (FPS).
Commercial growers who planted and evaluated these cultivars
as part of early field trials are producing varietal and blended
wines from these plantings. These vines remain healthy and
without PD symptoms in locations with high PD pressure that
include Temecula and Ventura County, and near riparian habitat
along the Napa River in Napa Valley.
Descriptions of the five cultivars
Dr. Andy Walker, UCD emeritus professor and geneticist, has
led the development of PD-resistant cultivars in his lab by
traditionally breeding resistance genes into Vitis vinifera over
multiple generations to produce quality winegrape cultivars with
up to 97% vinifera parentage. The five available cultivars were
bred with one PD-resistant gene isolated from native vines of Vitis
arizonica collected in the southwest U.S.
A new UCD grape breeder/viticulture
faculty member is expected to replace
Walker in the near future. A principal
member of Walker's grape breeding
CAMMINARE NOIR (Selection 07355-075)
(UC Case No. 2020-049)
This red wine grape is 94% V. vinifera, makes wines with characteristics
of both Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah and is resistant to Pierce's
Disease. It is established in large test plots along the Napa River and
commercial scale wines have been made from this plot. This selection
is one of the earliest to break dormancy, and it also blooms and ripens
early. The berries are relatively large and the well-filled clusters are
medium in size. This selection has been repeatedly tested in a UC Davis
greenhouse screen and is highly resistant to Pierce's Disease. It has
ranked highly at numerous tastings of both Davis and Napa grown fruit.
Tasting notes include: dark-red purple color, bright red fruit, raspberry,
cherry, ripe, tannic, elegant rather than dense.
Technical: This variety was bred by Dr. Andrew Walker and is 50% Petite
Sirah and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon.
US Patent Pending
Camminare noir is one of the five PD-resistant cultivars.
Dr. Andrew Walker
lab, UCD researcher and lab manager Dr. Summaira Riaz, will
continue with projects in progress.
Geneticist and Professor of Viticulture and Enology
Louise Rossi Endowed Chair in Viticulture and Enology
Newer cultivars have been bred with an additional, second PDresistant
gene (isolated from V. arizonica collected in Mexico) to
create " stacked " genetic resistance. Riaz said, " Our main purpose
is to broaden the base of PD resistance in grape cultivars. We
have already combined two sources of genetic resistance (called
PdR1 and PdR2) into a stacked line with three new promising
selections sent to FPS for certification, and vine trials are
established for small lot winemaking. " The researchers have
identified a potential third source of PD resistance being studied
for use in the breeding program. Riaz will be using knowledge
and techniques gained to develop winegrape cultivars and
apply it to breed new cultivars of table and raisin grapes with
PD resistance through the USDA Agricultural Research Service
facility in Parlier in Fresno County.
For licensing information please contact:
Denise Meade, Sr. Intellectual Property Analyst
InnovationAccess, UC Davis
+1 (530) 754-8674

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